How to score the interview?

Posted on March 20, 2015

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All of us wants to have meaningful jobs in workplaces. A job at Google would probably be one of the most sought after job. How to get hired?

If you have gotten the interview, the troubling part would be convincing the interviewer to hire you. Laszlo Bock is the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, wrote in his book Work Rules!, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

There was a psychology study on how interviews work. The research showed that judgements made in the first 10 seconds of an interview could predict the outcome of the interview. They videotaped it and showed smaller previews of the tape to the participants. They found out that observers made the same assessments as the interviewers, even without meeting the candidates, even if the clip shown is as short as 10 seconds, lastly even with the sound turned off.

Thus interviewing could actually be confirmation bias.

How to score the interview?
1. Anticipate the questions that you will get
2. Write your answer for all those possible questions
3. Have a backup plan – Write 3 equally good answers for every question
4. Prove yourself – Support your answers with a story to prove.
5. Read the room – Focus on interviewer, their surroundings, etc.
6. Practice and Practice your answers

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