Two Intense Emotions Linked to 750% Increase in Heart Attack Risk

Posted on March 9, 2015

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New studies have found that yhe risk of a heart attack increases by at least 8.5 times in the two hours after the intense emotions of anger and anxiety.
The effect of an anxiety attack is even more pronounced, the study found, increasing the chances of having a heart attack by 9.5 times.
It is crucial that we have control over these intense emotions that have a detriment cue to our health condition which may be irreversible.

The study’s lead author, Dr Thomas Buckley, said:

"Our findings confirm what has been suggested in prior studies and anecdotal evidence, even in films - that episodes of intense anger can act as a trigger for a heart attack.

The data shows that the higher risk of a heart attack isn’t necessarily just while you’re angry - it lasts for two hours after the outburst."

Intense anger was grouped in the study as at 5 or above on a scale of 1 to 7.

A score of five refers to 'very angry, body tense, clenching fists or teeth, ready to burst', while 7 means 'enraged, out of control, throwing objects'.

For information on the study, click the link.

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