Digital Drugs - Getting High Online?

Posted on January 20, 2015

Now, we know that music can influence mood, but can it really lead to significant changes in brain state? Perhaps. These so-called digital drugs are not merely music, they involve the generation of something called binaural beats. These are rhythmic illusions created through the presentation of sounds with different frequencies to the left and right ears.

The principle, although it has not been thoroughly researched, is that a difference between these two frequencies - say 30 Hertz - will lead to a brainwave state approximating the same frequency.

Brainwaves are the synchronised electrical pulses given off by the neurons in our brains, and are measurable using sensors placed on the scalp. It is believed that certain frequencies relate to certain states of consciousness, such as meditative states.

Some of the claims made by the tracks sold as digital drugs online are implausibly outlandish, and claim to mimic the effects of known illicit drugs. The digital highs found on Youtube have titles such as acid trip, marijuana high, opium, cocaine dose and magic mushroom.

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Source material from Brain Blogger