Can social media help you out of a bad mood?

Posted on October 4, 2014

Recent studies found that people who spend a lot of time on Facebook tend to be more frustrated, angry, and lonely — presumably because of all the happy updates from friends that make them feel inadequate.

A new study suggests that when people are in a bad mood they often turn to social networks sites to find friends who are in the same or even worse state of mind.

The researchers discovered that generally, most people look for the positive on social media sites. However, if we're feeling vulnerable, we’ll start to show more interest in the less attractive and less successful people or look for people on Facebook who are having a bad day or who aren’t as good at presenting themselves positively, just to make ourselves feel better.

One of the great appeals of social network sites is that they allow people to manage their moods by choosing who they want to compare themselves to. It give us the chance to have a self-esteem boost by going to look at people worse off than us.

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Source material from Ohio State University

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