Autism: New Therapy Found To Eliminate Symptoms and Developmental Delays

Posted on September 13, 2014

Very early treatment of infants with the first signs of autism can substantially reduce the symptoms such that, by age 3, most have no developmental delays, a new study finds.

'Infant Start' is the name of the new behavioural therapy, mostly delivered by the children’s parents, developed by autism experts at the University of California - Davis and Duke University in North Carolina.

"Most of the children in the study, six out of seven, caught up in all of their learning skills and their language by the time they were 2 to 3.

Most children with ASD are barely even getting diagnosed by then."

Infant Start involves parents being coached by therapists to help their children pay attention to social cues, an area in which autistic children typically lack.

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Source material from Psy Blog