End the Nightmare of Not Enough Sleep

Posted on August 30, 2014

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As we head into the end of summer, where our routines and daily "rhythms" are less firmly in place – there’s more of a chance that a particularly important rhythm may fall (even further) off: our sleep.

The ADHD Sleep Problem

Research indicates that ADHD sufferers are more likely to have sleep abnormalities, a harder time getting to sleep, and a harder time staying awake during the day – especially if we are not being sufficiently stimulated… which we, uh, rarely are. And getting less and/or lower-quality sleep adds to an already overwhelmed and scattered mind.
First Consider ADHD Sleep Deprivation

I'll share a few helpful natural remedies/strategies in a moment. But first, let’s make sure we know the extent of the sleep deprivation problem, according to the research:

It exacerbates our ADHD symptoms, including inattention, hyperactivity, moodiness and irritability, per the National Sleep Foundation.

It decimates performance: According to a report in the journal Sleep, researchers found even moderate reductions in sleep can affect an ADHD child's academic performance.

Insufficient sleep lowers metabolism, increases appetite and thereby makes us more susceptible to weight gain/obesity, according to a study by Matthew P. Walker at the University of California, Berkeley. (Sleep deprivation cranks up a hormone called lectin, which holds on to body fat.)

Oh – and sleep problems can be SO severe as to actually impersonate ADHD and result in an incorrect diagnosis of ADD, per the National Sleep Foundation.

Scientists haven't figured out exactly why, but we ADHD adults typically have a hard time slowing down our brain at night, which is a key for falling asleep. And then, according to Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., of Harvard Medical School, we're more likely to experience restless leg syndrome, sleep-walking and talking. We're even hyperactive sleepers! Not a happy contrast with the joys of sleep and its fabulous rewards of clarity, contentment and sanity, is it?

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