Standing during meetings may improve work performance

Posted on June 30, 2014

The researchers say standing during meetings reduces "territoriality" and leads to more information sharing.

A new study suggests standing during meetings indirectly benefits work performance in organizations where knowledge working is key to productivity. It found that compared with sitting, groups who held meetings standing up were more excited and less territorial about ideas, both of which lead to better elaboration of information, indirectly benefiting group performance.

First author Andrew Knight, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Olin, says:

"Organizations should design office spaces that facilitate nonsedentary work. Our study shows that even a small tweak to a physical space can alter how people work with one another."

He and co-author Markus Baer, associate professor of organizational behavior at Olin, suggest removing chairs could be a low-cost way to redesign office space and tackle the health effects of prolonged sitting. There is growing evidence that sitting for long periods increases risk of chronic diseases.

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Source material from Medical News Today