The Family of Schizophrenia

Posted on June 27, 2014

The improvement of the condition of schizophrenia is strongly linked to family involvement in the life of the schizophrenic. Family members can ease the difficulties of this serious mental illness in ways that people outside the family system cannot.

Due to the fact that family members may be in close contact with their schizophrenic father, mother, sister or brother or child, they are better able to monitor the behavior of the schizophrenic. They know this family member, and they may be able to ascertain the causes of the schizophrenic’s negative behavior. This closer understanding may allow them to intervene even before negative symptomatic behaviors emerge.

The psychotic fragmentation of the schizophrenic may occur at any time, particularly in response to aspects of the environment and the material world that can be monitored and controlled. Family members are more likely to recognize the deterioration of their schizophrenic family member if they are living with them. Being able to monitor medication compliance, for example, is a positive aspect of effectively managing the mental illness of the schizophrenic, and this monitoring becomes more possible if the family lives in close proximity to the schizophrenic person. It should be noted that the schizophrenic may have just as much to gain by living independently, even though the close relationships with his family members may be compromised as a result.

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