Inside the Fascinating Offices of Psychoanalysts

Posted on June 17, 2014

As an adult, Gerald realized that few people get to see inside the world of psychoanalysis, a sphere often obscured by its confidential nature and clouded by outdated stereotypes. "I found psychoanalysis extremely vibrant and current and yet it was being talked about in popular culture and some mental health circles as very passé - something of the 19th century, something that had really seen its heyday and was over. I didn't feel that way," he said. "People I saw coming into the field were a very diverse group of people and that wasn't being shown in pop culture and the movies. It was always the old European-voiced white man with a beard silently taking notes. I wanted to show what I was experiencing," he said.

"At some point, I started realizing there was a certain thread of familiarity from office to office - the idea that every office had a couch in it, that almost all of them had bookcases and books and almost all had some kind of art or artifacts in them. Yet there was also distinctiveness from place to place and some of that seemed to reflect something about the person who was there," Gerald said.

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Source material from Salte

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