Good Results Are Worth the Wait, Self-Control Will Get You There

Posted on March 31, 2014

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The ability to manage our emotions and exert self-control is considered one of the cornerstones of emotional intelligence and a key predictor of personal and professional success. Yet, it doesn’t take a marshmallow test to figure out that most of us are not that great at behavioral self-control.

Plans such as saving for retirement, losing weight or studying for exams often fail due to our inability to delay gratification when a new "toy," a delicious cupcake or a night out with friends are also options on the table. We’re often quite aware that taking a long-term view would far better serve our interests and eventually provide the bigger rewards.

But what if we're more likely to devour that marshmallow at first sight and react more impulsively in general? Are we doomed to a life of mediocrity and low achievement? Not necessarily, according to a report in TIME, citing researchers from Cornell and Duke University. People with low impulse-control don’t lack general intelligence, nor is delaying gratification always the right choice, particularly in situations of uncertainty, according to the write-up, noting further that impulsiveness gave us great explorers and entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs.

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