Malaysia: Mental Health Screening proposed for Maids

Posted on March 1, 2014

PETALING JAYA: Maids should be screened for mental health before being employed to avoid future cases of abuse, urged the Malaysian Maid Employers Association (Mama).

Its president Engku Ahmad Fauzi Engku Muhsein also proposed that employers be checked for mental illnesses as well to be fair to the maid.

“Currently, maids from Indonesia undergo general medical check-ups by the Indonesian authorities before being sent to Malaysia.

“However, this does not include mental health screening. It should be mandatory for both parties – the maid and employer,” he said yesterday.

He said Mama planned to start a one-day orientation course for maids and their employers this year to prevent misunderstandings between both parties.

“Most employers do not know how to manage their maids and give proper orders to them. The course will help foster a better work relationship between them,” he said.

Source material from The Star

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