'Selfie' Addiction Brings Negative Impact

Posted on February 13, 2014

Photo: flickr

BANGKOK - The popular 'selfie', a popular trend among many is now linked to mental and low self-esteem disorders.

Popular among the youngsters it is said to cause addiction and negative impact on them.

The Thai Mental Health Department has warned those obsessed with this trend that it could have a negative impact on their life and work, as reported in Bangkok Post.

"A selfie creates an impact, more or less, on one’s everyday life, depending on each individual. Posting photos [on social network sites] to seek approval and 'likes' from peers as a reward is normal human nature. Whatever people do and then get rewarded for it, they will do again," Dr Panpimol said.

But the reward has varying degrees of emotional effects on each individual. Some people are happy after sharing a selfie and getting few likes, while others expect as many likes as possible and become addicted to being liked.

Conversely, if they feel they don't get enough likes for their selfie as expected, they decide to post another, but still do not receive a good response. This could affect their thoughts. They can lose self-confidence and have a negative attitude toward themselves, such as feeling dissatisfied with themselves or their body.


Source material from Malaysian Digest