How to Respond to Rude or Inappropriate Remarks

Posted on February 6, 2014

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Sooo, you've been together for seven years; when are you finally going to get engaged?

How come you two aren't having kids yet? You know it's harder to get pregnant as you age. For instance, my cousin, Tina…

People say the darnedest things, don't they? Maybe you, too, have blurted out an inappropriate, rude or nosy comment.

According to therapist Joyce Marter, LCPC, people make these kinds of remarks for a range of reasons. Some people simply don’t have a filter — especially when alcohol is involved. Some think they’re being helpful.

Marter, also founder of the private counseling practice Urban Balance, shared her tips for responding to rude, nosy or inappropriate comments and questions.

One point shared was to detach yourself. For instance, imagine an invisible shield made out of Plexiglas between you and them. "Any negative energy cannot penetrate you."

Another point was to set clear boundaries by being clear about what's acceptable and what isn't. You might say: "It is not OK for you to comment on my food, my weight, my exercise or my body."

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Source material from Psych Central