Bullies and Victims at Risk of Mental Health Illnesses

Posted on January 21, 2014

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For young children and adolescents, bullying can be a norm at school. Children who face bullying can suffer mental health illnesses especially if they do not seek help. Not only are victims of bullying at risk, a new study is reporting that bullies are also at risk of developing mental health issues.

The researchers found that 10 percent of the sample stated that they were victims of bullying and 20 percent of the children state that they were bullies. When it came to gender, girls were twice as likely to report suffering from depression in comparison to guys.

The researchers discovered that for bullies, these adolescents tended to externalize their behaviors by picking up bad habits such as drinking and illegal drug use. These teenagers were also more likely to have interpersonal violence and were at risk of developing anti-social behaviors later on in life. For victims, the researchers found that these adolescents were more likely to develop internalizing behaviors, which include but are not limited to depression, social withdrawal and anxiety.

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Source material from Counsel and Heal