Pilot counselling hotline to improve workplace mental health

Posted on January 13, 2014

SINGAPORE - In a nation of stressed-out workaholics and long working hours, plans to improve mental health at the workplace, such as introducing a counselling hotline for employees and a workplace depression education campaign, are in the pipeline.

The Health Promotion Board (HPB), which is leading the efforts, said it was important to implement mental health education and prevention strategies at the workplace.

The hotline will have to be available from 9am to 6pm and have after-hours voice message options. It should also be staffed by psychologists with experience in workplace mental health.

The HPB also noted that while awareness of depression is growing, about 50 per cent of sufferers do not seek help. As such, a workplace depression education campaign is in the works. It will promote stress management, good sleep practices and overall increased awareness of depression. Firms will receive a kit to support the implementation of this campaign.

“Evidence suggests investment in workplace mental health contributes to improved employee mental well-being, increased employee engagement and improved productivity,” the HPB told TODAY.

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