Older Aussies with Mental Illness Experience Lack of Care

Posted on November 8, 2013

A lack of support and rehabilitation services is one of the major concerns for older people living with mental illness, new research by an Australian health charity has found.

SANE Australia’s study, Growing Older, Staying Well – Mental health care for older Australians, also lists inadequate care, poor health, isolation and unstable housing as major concerns for many older people with mental illness.

The study was a culmination of research, interviews and surveys SANE Australia conducted earlier this year with more than 130 people living with mental illness, carers and service providers.

The diagnoses reported were most frequently depression (45 per cent) followed by Schizophrenia (28 per cent) and bipolar disorder (23 per cent).

“Many older Australians have managed their mental illness over a number of years and they’re often pretty resilient; but as they get older, additional challenges impact on their lives,” Heath said.

“It's a dangerous misconception that people will automatically become depressed as they grow older. This assumption can prevent health and care workers from identifying older people who aren’t coping well and are in need of additional support.

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