How Music Convinces People to Buy Products

Posted on October 18, 2013

People are more likely to buy products when pleasant sounds draw them to the items, a new study reveals.

"Suppose that you are standing in a supermarket aisle, choosing between two packets of cookies, one placed nearer your right side and the other nearer your left. While you are deciding, you hear an in-store announcement from your left, about store closing hours," lead researchers Hao Shen of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Jaideep Sengupta of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology wrote in the study. "Will this announcement, which is quite irrelevant to the relative merits of the two packets of cookies, influence your decision?"

In one experiment, participants were asked to form an impression of pictures of two hotel rooms on a computer screen. One picture was on the right of the screen and the other was on the left. Participants looked at the pictures while listening to a news bulletin from a speaker on either side.

The findings revealed that participants found it easier to process the picture located in the direction of the speaker. Participants also reported greater preference for that room.

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Source material from Counsel Heal