8 Fascinating Facts About Anxiety

Posted on October 5, 2013

Studies show that anxiety affects the sense of smell and balance, how we judge faces and perceptions of our personal space. Anxiety may be an unpleasant emotion, which can be crippling in excess, but it does exist for a good reason.

Anxiety tells us we’re in danger and we need to do something. It was our anxious ancestors who prepared better for winter and made plans to fight off neighbouring tribes. The relaxed, laid-back guys never made it.

But anxiety’s effects aren’t limited to motivation, they seep through the mind to all sorts of areas…

When people get a little exercise they feel less anxiety in their lives. As little as 20 minutes can make you feel calmer right now.

One study has found that although simply resting reduces anxiety, it doesn’t help protect against stressful events.

Exercise, though, seems to have a more lasting effect, helping to reduce anxiety when faced with stressful situations afterwards.

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Source material from PsyBlog