Social media becoming 'barometer' for self-harm as rates rise

Posted on September 13, 2013

Rising rates of self-harm among young Australians have sparked warnings that social media use is partly to blame.

Self-image support group The Butterfly Foundation says its helpline has been under growing demand in recent years.

Calls for help rose by 200 per cent in each of the past two years, and reports of self-harm increased by 25 per cent this year.

"It's definitely not attention-seeking behaviour, it's not somebody saying, 'hey look at me'," she said.

"Turn that on its head, it's actually about a young person who is experiencing a great deal of pain and there's an enormous build up in them to the point where they say, 'how do I cope with this pain, where do I go with it', and that act of self-harm is almost an attempt to alleviate that."

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Source material from Yahoo News