First autism insurance scheme sees ‘solid’ start

Posted on August 24, 2013

Singapore - The first insurance scheme here designed for children and young adults with autism has seen some 50 applications since its launch last week, as well as sparked calls urging insurers to consider schemes for those with mental illnesses, other intellectual disabilities and epilepsy.

NTUC Income, which rolled out the SpecialCare (Autism) scheme in collaboration with the Autism Resource Centre, called the number “a solid start” and said the scheme paved the way for “explor(ing) solutions for the special needs community”.

Earlier this week, NTUC Income also said it has offered insurance to some people suffering from mental illnesses, in response to a letter published in The Straits Times urging coverage for this group.

Queried by TODAY, NTUC Income did not reveal the criteria used to assess one’s suitability for coverage, but said: “Over time, NTUC Income will accumulate experience from SpecialCare (Autism) and be in a better position to study the viability of special needs products.”

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