3 Reasons Why We're All Loafing At Work--And What To Do About It

Posted on July 26, 2013

Folks slack off when they don't think their work matters--a lack of intrinsic motivation that is also a symptom of burnout, the ultimate bugbear of productivity and at-work wellness. But when they see that their work is important, they work harder and smarter.

The lesson, then, is to be aware of the way our work affects our colleagues and users, customers, and other humans--an understanding that will deliver motivation and also happens to be why the happiest people have the hardest jobs.

In one study, the startups that had the lowest rate of failure and the highest chance at an IPO had an edifying quality to them: Their cultures were organized around commitment, meaning that hiring focused on fit and team members treated each other like family. Why is that so effective?

Another one of Grant's points helps us to see why: "People don’t worry much about letting down strangers and acquaintances," he says, "but they feel guilty about leaving their friends in the lurch."

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Source material from Fast Company