Power Up: The Performance Benefits of a Simple Mental Exercise

Posted on May 11, 2013

"Have successful professionals always been successful? Take Francesca Gino. An Associate Professor at Harvard, she is considered by many to be a superstar.

But things did not always look so bright for her: two years in a row she gave job talks at a number of top 10 schools and universities, but got no offers from those schools. Yet, in 2009, everything suddenly turned up roses; she got offers from Harvard, Wharton, Berkeley, and New York University. What had changed?

Well, clearly she was older and wiser. But she also changed her pre-talk ritual: before each campus talk and interview she sat down and wrote out a reflection of a time in which she had power."

All you do is sit down beforehand and reflect on a time when you had power. By doing this you are activating your own personal sense of power.

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Source material from PsyBlog

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