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Engaging Special Needs children through Art Therapy

Date: 19 Aug 2020


An engaging and holistic experience that addresses the needs of SN children (Autism, ADHD, ADD and Sensory processing disorders) and their different learning levels through various Art Therapy mediums.


- Clay Therapy to facilitate with learning children with low levels of self-regulations

- Play Therapy to engage SN children with limited verbal skills –inter/intra personal communication

- Colour & Art as a non-verbal sensory tool to express feelings and communicate with each other

- Drama Therapy exercises to assist SN children focus and be present in their learning tasks

Dr.Patricia Sherwood is an Honorary Senior lecturer at Edith Cowan University in Australia, where she has lectured for 20 years in Social Work, Psychology, Social Science, and Special Education.

• Founded the Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology and is the Director of Sophia College of Counseling

• Provides mental health and well-being trainings to teachers and parents in Australian schools

• Has extensive international experience, having trained in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Africa within the fields of counseling, mental health recovery and community development

Duration: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Venue: To be confirmed

Contact: Email Organizer

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3 Aug 2020)

Language: English

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