Prenatal Parental Stress Linked to Behaviour Problems in Toddlers

The wellbeing of both parents before, during and after a pregnancy is crucial for their child to develop healthily. Recent studies have discovered that stress or conflict between parents during these periods can lead to emotional struggles in the ...

Aug 6

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Couple Counseling, Pregnancy & Birthing


Boy or girl? It’s in the father’s genes

A Newcastle University study involving thousands of families is helping prospective parents work out if they are likely to have sons or daughters.

Jul 1

Categories: Pregnancy & Birthing


Does Abortion trigger Depression?

Many policies in the US use "depression" as a reason to discourage abortion, when abortion hardly results in depression. Based on a study done on 400,000 women that was published in JAMA Psychiatry, abortion does not increase the risk of depression ...

Jun 8

Categories: Abortion, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Depression, Pregnancy & ...


Secondhand Smoke Can Be Harmful Even Before Conception

Smoke has already been known to negatively affect developing fetuses. However, animal studies show that secondhand smoke could even impact a baby's development even before its conception.

Jan 7

Categories: Pregnancy & Birthing, Smoking Cessation


Depression in pregnancy increases risk of mental health problems in ...

Depression in pregnancy is thought to affect up to one in five women globally in the late stages of pregnancy and shortly after birth. It is characterised by low mood and feelings of hopelessness, and is brought on by a number of factors that can ...

Sep 30

Categories: Child Development, Depression, Pregnancy & Birthing


"Don't have children!" Busting myths about Bipolar Disorder and ...

But there is a division between this outside pressure and the experience of some women, particularly in the case of bipolar disorder. While we hear, “Come join us,” peppered into even the most mundane conversations, these women often hear, ...

Jun 13

Categories: Bipolar, Pregnancy & Birthing


Depression, anxiety may reduce chances of IVF pregnancy

Depression and anxiety, and not necessarily the use of antidepressant medication, are associated with lower pregnancy and live birth rates following in vitro fertilization, according to a large register study in Sweden.

Mar 8

Categories: Anxiety, Depression, Pregnancy & Birthing


Postnatal mental health: Are women getting the support they need?

"I really did not feel like I fitted the box." New research indicates the need for postnatal support that encompasses all mental health issues, not only postnatal depression.

Sep 11

Categories: Complex PTSD, Mental Health in Asia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ...


Antidepressant use in pregnancy associated with anxiety symptoms in ...

Three-year-old siblings exposed to antidepressants in pregnancy show increased anxiety symptoms compared to their unexposed siblings. This was found in a new study by researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), the University ...

Apr 22

Categories: Child Development, Pregnancy & Birthing


Fathers-to-Be May Have Hormonal Changes Too

Men waiting to become fathers for the first time experienced hormonal changes before their babies were born, and levels of some hormones appeared linked to those of the men's wives, according to a new study.

Jan 9

Categories: Pregnancy & Birthing


Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals Tied to Lower IQ at Age 7

Children whose mothers were exposed to higher levels of phthalates, common chemicals in consumer products, in late pregnancy tend to score lower than other kids on intelligence tests at age 7.

Dec 12

Categories: Pregnancy & Birthing


Maternal Depression More Frequent After Postpartum Period

Postpartum depression has many negative consequences for the mother and her child, and society is right to promote awareness of this condition. But now, a study of new mothers indicates that depression is more common four years after childbirth than ...

Jun 10

Categories: Pregnancy & Birthing


Shame, stigma and mother-blaming following miscarriage

Imagine having a miscarriage and keeping it secret because you'd get the blame for your pregnancy loss? We might believe that only happened in the past, but it is a situation faced by countless women every day. And, like miscarriage itself, it ...

May 15

Categories: Pregnancy & Birthing


‘Depression can be passed on during pregnancy’

Pregnant women with depression can pass the condition on to their unborn babies, research has found. A combination of genetic and environmental factors can put children at an increased risk of anxiety and mood disorders. This is due to changes in ...

Dec 16

Categories: Child Development, Depression, Pregnancy & Birthing


Depression during pregnancy may affect child's mental health

Depression is a serious mental illness that has many negative consequences for sufferers. But depression among pregnant women may also have an impact on their developing babies. Children of depressed parents are at an increased risk of developing ...

Dec 7

Categories: Depression, Pregnancy & Birthing

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