'Orthorexia' - Obsession With Healthy Eating

When does ‘eating clean’ become an eating disorder? Orthorexia Nervosa (literally, “correct appetite disorder”) though absent from all psychiatric manuals, is an illness that has been making the rounds online.

Nov 6

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Selective Media Coverage May Cause Us to Forget Certain Health Facts

The health facts presented by mass media in the midst of a disease outbreak are likely to influence what we remember about the disease — new research suggests that the same mass media coverage may also influence the facts that we forget.

Nov 4

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For children, is better nutrition instead of drugs the ADHD cure?

"The plain truth is on numerous occasions we have seen ADHD symptoms disappear without medication. Public education regarding a healthy diet pattern and lifestyle to prevent or control ADHD may have greater long-term success," says Dr. Rosemond.

Sep 16

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Diabetic children at greater risk of depression and anxiety

A quarter of Australian teenagers with type 1 diabetes are also struggling with depression and anxiety. A study published today finds that the condition which is treated with injections is placing a significant psychological burden on children.

Jul 20

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Never Say Die - SELF/LESS from Science-Fiction to -Fact

In SELF/LESS, a dying old man (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley) transfers his consciousness to the body of a healthy young ...

Jul 11

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Impaired Thinking Ability Due to Food Intake

Ever wondered what affected your ability to react on the spot? A new study finds that this could be due to a high-fat, high-sugar diet, which causes significant damage to cognitive flexibility. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to adjust and ...

Jun 26

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Is Nicotine All Bad?

Scientists question if a daily dose of the well-known alkaloid is as benign as caffeine

May 21

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Syndromes with Surprising Psychotherapy Solutions

Most people now acknowledge that the mind and body are inextricably linked, and problems in one are often related to problems in the other. Yet some bodily complaints seem so physically based that it is hard to imagine that any kind of talk therapy ...

May 18

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Tasty food could boost attention and potentially lowers blood ...

Dark chocolate can improve attention and may also lower blood pressure. In this study, chocolate was being examined, its results show that it is a stimulant and it activates the brain by increasing attention and affecting blood pressure. This study ...

May 16

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Living Far From These Eyesores Keeps The Brain Healthy

New research links living near these to a 46% increase in stroke risk.

May 7

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The Real Cause of Alzheimer's Revealed

A new study of over 3,600 brains finds the real cause of Alzheimer's is a dysfunctional 'tau' protein. The tau protein normally helps stabilise the brain's structure.

Apr 6

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Air pollution may be tied to Anxiety

Women who were exposed to the most small particles in the air one month before their anxiety test were about 12 percent more likely to have high anxiety symptoms.

Apr 1

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HRT 'increases ovarian cancer risk'

HORMONE replacement therapy increases the risk of ovarian cancer, analysis of 52 separate studies has found. The research team from University of Oxford claims there was no risk for short courses of HRT "simply isn't true".

Mar 23

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Two Intense Emotions Linked to 750% Increase in Heart Attack Risk

Two intense emotions that are linked to massive increase in heart attack risk.

Mar 9

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Is your partner making you sick?

Bad marriages can be sickening. Most people don't have to be convinced of this, but for those who do, several decades of studies offer plenty of proof. Even so, very little is known about exactly how marriage quality affects health. Do strife and ...

Mar 5

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