Mindfulness towards Social Rejection

Engaging in Mindfulness practices makes us kinder and increases our motivation to help others, especially in a situation of a social rejection.

Oct 4

Categories: Emotional Abuse, Health Psychology, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, ...


To what extent is it Emotional Abuse?

This article helps us identify what is deemed as emotional abuse, when and how is an action or situation a form of emotional abuse.

Sep 25

Categories: Adult psychological development, Bullying, Emotional Abuse, ...


Is There Such A Thing As An Emotional Hangover?

Taking ten shots of tequila can leave you with a nasty hangover, but experiencing something traumatic can give you an emotional one! Dr. Lila Davachi explains how emotional hangovers can affect one's memory and cognitive performance.

Jan 5

Categories: Emotional Abuse


Prenatal exposure to air pollution linked to impulsivity, emotional ...

Exposure to common air pollutants during pregnancy may predispose children to problems regulating their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors later on, according to a new study.

Mar 18

Categories: Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Emotional Abuse, Inattention, ...


Study points to cannabis' effect on emotion processing

According to researchers, cannabis significantly affects users' ability to recognize, process and empathize with human emotions like happiness, sadness and anger.

Mar 2

Categories: Drug Addiction, Emotional Abuse, Other


Taking a look at the facts of domestic violence

Too many of us are willing to put up with abusive behaviors in the name of love, out of fear or even thinking that these behaviors are normal. Here are the Red Flags of Abusers.

Jun 15

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, ...


Careful of your painkillers, it might just kill your positivity

A new study finds Acetaminophen/Tylenol/Paracetemol could just kill positive emotions. The painkiller could blunt both physical and psychological pain. This is the first time one tries to test the popular painkiller’s effect on both negative and ...

Apr 18

Categories: Drug Addiction, Emotional Abuse, Pain management


How To Help Children Control Their Emotions, Reduce Anxiety and Boost ...

This activity has a vital role to play in children’s psychological health.

Dec 29

Categories: Anxiety, Emotional Abuse

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