Small acts of kindness at work benefit the giver, the receiver and ...

New study in the journal Emotion looks at acts of altruism within a real-life working environment, and shows how kindness really does ripple outwards from a good deed.

Jul 6

Categories: Positive Psychology


The Difficult Ones Are Everywhere!

Managing your emotions to people who trigger you.

Jul 4

Categories: Anger Management


Another Great Thing About Being Alone

The new psychology of rest tells us how important our alone time can be.

Jul 3

Categories: Self-Care / Self Compassion, Self-Love


9 Warning Signs of Exercise Addiction

How much exercise is too much exercise? Here are some warning signs to look out for.

Jul 1

Categories: Addictions


Are You Emotionally Well?

Here are the 8 hallmarks of emotional wellness.

Jun 29

Categories: Happiness, Mindfulness, Stress Management


Cute Puppies Can Make Your Relationship Happier

New research sheds light on a new love-boosting strategy.

Jun 28

Categories: Relationships & Marriage


6 Steps for Dealing With Adult Sibling Rivalry

How to reset your family system to address lingering hard feelings.

Jun 23

Categories: Aggression & Violence, Blended Family Issues, Family Problems


4 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Your Stress Right Now

Here are 4 breathing exercises you could do to reduce your stress right now

Jun 22

Categories: Stress Management


3 Triggers that Cause Us to Reach for Our Phone

Just think of how much time is being spent staring at that screen. How often are we distracting ourselves from more important things? How much additional time is spent getting back on task? What are we missing out on in our day to day lives, or in ...

Jun 22

Categories: Addictions


7 Tips for Becoming More Mindful

Discover seven techniques to implement into your life to become more mindful

Jun 21

Categories: Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation


A Simple Five Step Process for Achieving Daily Happiness

Small ways to feel happy everyday

Jun 20

Categories: Happiness


10 Quick Tips to Change Your Anxiety Forever

Alleviating anxiety need not expensive trips to the therapy clinic. Lead a healthier, happier life with these calming strategies that YOU can do yourself, today.

Jun 19

Categories: Anxiety, Self-Care / Self Compassion, Self-Love


Why do those with autism avoid eye contact?

Imaging studies reveal over-activation of sub-cortical brain structures in response to direct gaze.

Jun 17

Categories: Autism spectrum disorders


Three Habits Calm People Never Practice

Train your brain to do differently next time your mind is hijacked by worry.

Jun 16

Categories: Anxiety


5 Ways Mentally Strong People Conquer Self-Doubt

What's the worst that can happen? It's probably not as bad as you think.

Jun 15

Categories: Self-Doubt, Stress Management