The Hidden Harms of Antidepressants

Data about the true risks of suicide and aggression for children and teens taking these drugs have been suppressed

May 24

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New research finds that the best treatment for depression targets its ...

Four symptoms are particularly important in the development of clinical depression, according to new research.

May 13

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Exercise can help you cope with upsetting experiences

New research finds that thirty minutes of moderate exercise helped people regulate their emotions when they subsequently watched a sad film. The study could help to explain why more exercise is generally linked to better moods and lower levels of ...

May 4

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Reminiscing can make you less likely to suffer depression in the ...

Research has found that spending time looking back on our lives is good for our mental health. There are therapeutic trials that show purposeful reminiscence can bring about clinically meaningful decreases in depression. And now, an investigation in ...

Apr 30

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Study suggests certain people with depression may benefit from ...

A UF study has found that specific genetic markers that put people at risk for depression also predict who might benefit from exercise, according to a study published recently in The Journal of Frailty & Aging.

Apr 28

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Video game addiction is linked to ADHD

The addiction indicates an escape from ADHD and psychiatric disorder. Young and single men are at risk of being addicted to video games.

Apr 27

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Teen angst or depression?

Moodiness, irritability and isolation are often hallmarks of teenage growing pains, so it can be hard to realize where the line begins for mood disorders. So, how do parents know if their child is just going through teenage angst or dealing with a ...

Apr 19

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Kids' Grades Can Suffer When Parent Is Depressed

Recently, a large Swedish study showed that grades may decline, too, when a parent is depressed.

Apr 8

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Treating depression may reduce heart disease risk

Heart disease and depression are both serious and prevalent conditions; mounting evidence infers that they are connected. Depression has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing heart disease later in life.

Apr 4

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Social media use associated with depression among US young adults

The more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed, according to new research.

Mar 26

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How Depression Can Change a Mom's Oxytocin

Psychologists are looking at how breast feeding, oxytocin and face-to-face interactions between a mother and her baby are impacted by depression and the mother's oxytocin levels.

Mar 23

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Chemical may be new tool for depression therapy

A chemical discovered in the Bruce Hammock laboratory at the University of California, Davis, may be a new, innovative tool to control depression.

Mar 16

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Parent's Depression: Link to Child's Asthma?

A new study is underway to determine whether treating a depressed caregiver will improve the child’s asthma.

Mar 15

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Middle-aged trauma patients with preexisting psychological illness ...

Middle-aged adults with psychological illness such as anxiety and depression are more likely to have longer hospital stays and rehabilitation following trauma affecting bones and muscles.

Mar 14

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Can social support be a bad thing for older adults?

Social support from family and friends does not have an entirely positive effect on mental health but is instead a 'mixed blessing,' say researchers.

Mar 10

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