Brain Activity Helps Explain Diabetics' Negative Feelings, Risk for ...

For millions of Americans who are obese and living with diabetes or prediabetes, feelings of sadness, anger and anxiety are often part of daily life. A new study suggests those negative feelings may stem from problems regulating blood sugar levels ...

May 16

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Brain Stimulation Reduces Suicidal Thinking in People with ...

A specific kind of brain stimulation has been found to be effective in reducing suicidal thinking in a significant portion of people with hard-to-treat depression.

May 14

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Depression Linked to Memory Problems and Brain Aging

Research has shown that memory problems may be associated with depression in older adults, and that depression also results in changes in brain size and structure.

May 10

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Diet shown to reduce stroke risk may also reduce risk of depression

A new study explores the correlation between diet and depression, another angle in which research on the treatment or/and assessment of risk of depression can be done.

Mar 9

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Differntiating Depression from Laziness

People with depression often lack the motivation to do anything, which sounds very much like plain old laziness. However, there are some major distinctions between the two which could show that you might either be lazy, or you could be showing signs ...

Feb 13

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People who sleep less than 8 hours a night more likely to suffer from ...

Sleeping less than the recommended eight hours a night is associated with intrusive, repetitive thoughts like those seen in anxiety or depression, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.

Jan 11

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The Dangers of Antidepressants

A fortunate knock of luck is always welcomed by scientists and researchers, yet any treatment modalities should be novel by design rather than by serendipity. Antidepressants were discovered by chance in the 1950s, and it seems that they suffer from ...

Jan 9

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Double The Depression Risk Linked To This Sleep Style

Running in the family, this effect is linked to a greater risk of depression, research finds.

Dec 21

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Identified: Little-Known Anxiety and Depression Symptom

Research finds an anxiety and depression symptom that doctors do not frequently recognize. It is a little known sign that can help identify depression and anxiety more quickly.

Dec 13

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Personality Traits That Protect Against Depression

Two personality traits, when in conjunction, has proven found to counter the effects of depression positively. Extroversion, and conscientiousness.

Dec 6

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One Critical Mineral For Mental Health: The Relationship between ...

A wide range of mental health processes can be altered by the absence of this one essential element - magnesium. And that's apart from its physical benefits. It's a critical mineral that you may not get enough of!

Nov 28

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Treating Depression Effectively With Even Simpler Therapy

With clinical depression so rampant these days, new research explores the idea of using the quicker and cheaper talk therapy as a cure for depression.

Nov 18

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Supporting a Partner with Depression While Taking Care of Your Mental ...

When you care deeply for someone with depression, your biggest wish is for them to be well. Hence, it is easy to forget to care for yourself, as your needs and wants are replaced by theirs. Depression is complicated and can be hard for someone to ...

Jul 24

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Early Life Stress Reduces These Two Emotional Skills

Stress experienced by a person in early life decreases their ability to feel enthusiasm and experience pleasure when they are adults. Hence, early life stress is a major factor for depression. Neglected or abused children have almost twice the ...

Jul 15

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The story of the two wolves: How to better manage your thoughts, ...

Have you ever had thoughts, feelings or acted in ways that were unacceptable to yourself but felt powerless to control? The purpose of this post is to help you find ways to manage your mind so that you can live your life more in accordance with what ...

Jul 6

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