Peer Influence Increases the Risk of Teen Smoking by Twofold

A recent meta-analysis suggests that peer influence increases the risk of smoking in teenagers by twofold. Differences in the power of influence were also found between collectivist and individualistic cultures.

Aug 23

Categories: Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Smoking Cessation, Teenage Issues


Young Cyberbullying Victims are Twice at Risk of Self-Harm

A new study has found that cyberbullying victims under the age of 25 have more than twice the likelihood to self-harm and attempt suicide, compared to non-victims.

Aug 22

Categories: Bullying


The Skill College Students Wish They Were Taught

A survey in the United States has found that college students wished they had better emotional preparation before entering college.

Aug 18

Categories: Parenting


Transgender TV Characters May Impact Audience Attitudes

A new study has found that watching a fictional show with transgender characters tend to lead to more positive attitudes towards transgender people and policies affecting transgender people.

Aug 17

Categories: LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender) Issues


Embracing Negative Emotions Could Boost Psychological Well-being

Our reaction when confronted with a negative emotion like sadness or disappointment is to try to escape. However, a recent study has found that acknowledging these emotions, instead of trying to get away, will likely benefit long-term mental health.

Aug 17

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Why Do We Hate?

In the wake of news of violent incidences in Charlottesville, Virginia, and around the world, you may be wondering why and how a person can feel so much hatred to another person. Here are some factors that have been proposed to help us understand ...

Aug 16

Categories: Aggression & Violence


Bipolar Disorder Speeds Up Biological Aging

A recent study found a link between telomere length and the risk of getting bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder often comes with age-related diseases and telomere length is an indicator of biological aging.

Aug 15

Categories: Bipolar


Turn Mistakes Into Life Lessons

Mistakes can be costly - some more than others. Everyone makes mistakes, and have probably repeated them at some point. Instead of making mistakes over and over, we can make a conscious effort to learn from them and make wiser decisions in the ...

Aug 12

Categories: Self-Care / Self Compassion, Self-Love


Research Show Loneliness a Bigger Killer Than Obesity

Two meta-analyses have found that premature death risk can increase by up to 50 percent with loneliness and social isolation.

Aug 11

Categories: Aging & Geriatric Issues


Unhealthy Ways of Thinking and What to Do Instead

Unhealthy ways of thinking arise when a person is tackling anxiety or in a high emotional state. Here are some unhealthy patterns of thinking and how you should frame your thoughts instead.

Aug 10

Categories: Self-Care / Self Compassion


Martial Arts Participation Reduces Aggression in Children and Teens

Martial Arts is associated with aggressive behaviour, hence it sounds contradictory that participation in the sport reduces aggression. However, this forms a core basis of many forms of martial arts, which emphasises the importance of self-control.

Aug 10

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How to Help a Friend in Crisis

We often find ourselves at a loss of what to do or say when a friend is going through a difficult period in their life. Here are seven methods, backed up by research, to support them in the most effective way.

Aug 7

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Facing Rejection Like a Champ

Everyone will face rejection in their lives. No matter what the issue is about, we often feel like we had made a mistake to cause the rejection, and that we are to blame. However, viewing rejection in a different light can make it a positive event.

Aug 7

Categories: Self-Care / Self Compassion, Self-Esteem


Six Common Communication Mistakes Couples Make

Communication is extremely important in a romantic relationship. However, simply having a conversation is insufficient. It's important to be aware of the way you talk and listen to your partner. Avoiding these common mistakes will make your ...

Aug 5

Categories: Couple Counseling, Relationships & Marriage


Keeping Secrets is Bad for You - Here’s Why

A recent study suggests that people are stressed when keeping a secret because they keep thinking about the secret, not because of the act of secret-keeping.

Aug 4

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Happiness, Other