The legacy of grief: Coping with loss

Author C.S. Lewis wrote about the death of his wife: "Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything." The very self can be swallowed by the void that sets in when a loved one dies. How do we cope when the gap left by the absence of a partner, ...

Nov 16

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Very Intelligent People Actually Make Less Effective Leaders

Super smart leaders suffering from too much of a good thing? New research investigates the curvilinear effect of intelligence on perceived leadership behaviour and finds evidence showing that too much intelligence harms leadership effectiveness.

Nov 15

Categories: Workplace Issues


The Problem With IQ

When a single number is used to determine future actions, such as placement in a school or organization, the concept of IQ is at its worst! What exactly is an IQ score, and what should it not be?

Nov 13

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Kids Need to Eat Dirt and Get Dirty

Scientists recommend letting your child get dirty: According to their research, being out in the wild can improve a child’s physical and mental resilience. Dirt makes us psychologically strong!

Nov 10

Categories: Child Development, Stress Management


Want to Give a Good Gift? Think Past the “Big Reveal”

The first Christmas decorations have been set up all around Singapore, and shops are advertising holiday specials – the time to do your Christmas shopping is close! Not sure what would be a good present? Psychologists have researched what to ...

Nov 9

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How can I provide guidance and support for my child on using social ...

A workshop on moderating smartphones & social media use for your child: Discussion of skills and strategies on how to use mobiles ‘smart’ and ‘wisely’.

Nov 8


Seven Benefits of Swimming for Your Mental Wellbeing

There's something very therapeutic about being in or near water. Here's what science has to say about it.

Nov 7


Risk Perception: Why We Worry About Shark Attacks, Not Car Crashes

The risk of a deadly encounter with a shark is 1 in 3,748,067 while the lifetime risk of dying in a car crash is a staggering 1 in 84 - still most people are more afraid of shark attacks than car crashes. New Zealand psychological scientists have ...

Nov 2

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How to Take (Better) Breaks

So far surprisingly little research investigated employee breaks at work, and even less research provided prescriptive suggestions for better workday breaks in terms of when, where, and how break activities are most beneficial. After analyzing data ...

Nov 1

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Extended Adolescence: When 25 Is the New 18

It is a common grumble that teens try to grow up too fast – no more! New research suggests that teenagers are less likely to engage in adult activities such as having sex and drinking alcohol, and the explanations for this phenomenon are ...

Oct 31

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Five Habits to Becoming a Morning Person

Do you ever struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Is the snooze button your friend or foe? Most of us are not morning people, but would like to be. Here is a list of life hacks by health and lifestyle editor Sophie Mellor that can help you wake ...

Oct 26

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The Importance of Work-life Balance

Taking control of your work-life balance: Find out why it is important; whether you have a good balance; and how to improve it!

Oct 25

Categories: Happiness, Stress Management, Workplace Issues


Talking About Suicide and Self-Harm in Schools Can Save Lives

Suicide and self-harm remain taboo topics in schools, despite the fact youth suicide has reached a ten year high. Parents and teachers are often concerned that talking about suicide will put ideas in young minds, while, in reality, these ...

Oct 24

Categories: Self-Harm, Suicide Prevention, Teenage Issues


Top Tips to De-stress Your Commute

From crowded platforms to rush hour traffic, delayed trains to pouring rain – your daily commute can be stressful. So take matters into your own hands and use these tips to help make your journey a little easier.

Oct 23

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How to Get Fit - Four Habits to Make Exercise Easier

For quite a lot of us, going to the gym or out for a run is something you have to 'make' yourself do. Yet after you've done your workout you feel amazing! So why is it so hard to gear yourself up for exercise when you know you'll feel good ...

Oct 20

Categories: Health / Illness / Medical Issues, Sports Psychology