ADHD Symptoms May Be Linked to Poor Driving Skills in Teens

In a recent study, researchers discovered that teens with greater symptoms of inattention made more mistakes in a driving simulator test, while those with symptoms of hyperactivity and conduct disorder were more likely to engage in risky driving ...

Apr 3

Categories: Adult ADHD


Kids With Autism

A new study finds that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at higher risker for anxiety and mood disorders.

Apr 2

Categories: Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism ...


Attachment Theory and the Developmental Consequences of Relational ...

Attachment theory is a very useful framework for understanding how differences in the quality of close interpersonal relationships, particularly parent-child bonds and adult romantic bonds, influence health and well-being throughout the lifespan. ...

Apr 2

Categories: Attachment Issues


Human-Centered Approach for Dementia Patients

A group of researchers recently conducted a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the impact of applying a human rights based approach in dementia inpatient wards and care homes. The results, while surprising, reflects a key issue in healthcare in ...

Mar 22

Categories: Dementia


6 Signs of a Codependent Relationship

Codependency can be recognised when two people with dysfunctional traits become worse together. The biggest issue is the belief by one or both parties that they deserve to be mistreated. The article explores possible links to the condition and ...

Mar 21

Categories: Codependency / Dependency


ODD and the Rebellious Child

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), while exhibiting symptoms that sound very much like a typical rebellious child's behavior, is a disorder that starts very early in development, usually in preschool. In this article, we explore the signs of ODD ...

Mar 20

Categories: Oppositional & Defiant Behavior in Children & Teens


New insights into lifetime personality chages

Personality changes have been a hot topic, not only among academics but also sparks the curiosity of the layman, evident by the myriad of personality tests across multimedia. New research has broadened our understanding on the type of changes and ...

Mar 19

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Researchers link defects in a nuclear receptor in the brain to autism ...

In furthering knowledge pertaining to ASD, scientists have discovered a critical nuclear receptor in the brain linked to ASD. The finding would pave the way for future research in regard to this protein, to improve early diagnosis and intervention ...

Mar 16

Categories: Autism spectrum disorders


Physiological Differences in Brains of Sleep Apnea Patients between ...

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder which happens when a person's respiratory pathway is blocked during sleep, though it's causes are still unknown. However, recent research has surfaced new material regarding this elusive disorder.

Mar 15

Categories: Sleep Disorders


Autism study finds early intervention has lasting effects

Teaching parents of children with autism how to interact more effectively with their offspring brings the children benefits that linger for years, according to the largest and longest-running study of autism interventions. It has been lauded as one ...

Mar 14

Categories: Autism spectrum disorders


Keeping Your Anxiety Under Control

We will experience anxiety attacks to varying degrees throughout our lives, there is no doubt about that. More importantly, we should know what anxiety is telling our body, and how we can manage these attacks.

Mar 13

Categories: Anxiety


Diet shown to reduce stroke risk may also reduce risk of depression

A new study explores the correlation between diet and depression, another angle in which research on the treatment or/and assessment of risk of depression can be done.

Mar 9

Categories: Depression


Belief in brain myths and children developmental myths continues even ...

It is common for people to believe in myths. But for those who have studied psychology, would understand better in regard to these myths. Yet, to find that some still believe in claims proven wrong in their studies is appalling.

Mar 9


Adopting a more active lifestyle today could have benefits for your ...

Everyone is familiar with the harmful health consequences a sedentary lifestyle causes, but a less known effect would be to one's personality over time. A new paper in the Journal of Research in Personality has found that greater physical ...

Feb 27

Categories: Personality problems


At what age do girls prefer pink?

In most cultures, genders are most often stereotyped based on their preferences of colour, evidenced by the pink and blue colours infants wear from birth. While some are adamant that these choices are innate, new research has proved otherwise, with ...

Feb 21

Categories: Gender Identity disorder