Advantages of being Narcissistic

Narcissism has a negative connotation and is often seen as an undesirable trait to have. However, recent findings show that there are positive effects to narcissism, such as mental toughness and openness to experience.

Nov 16

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Diving into Emotional Abuse

There are often certain misconceptions and misunderstandings about the definition of Emotional Abuse and the effects that come with it. This article extensively explains the negative impacts that come with emotional abuse, how it makes the party on ...

Nov 15

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The Role of Doapmine in Our Survival

Neuroscientists from MIT have found the underlying mechanisms for the steering of attention away from trivial tasks towards potential threats, and they believe that dopamine is central to this process. Danger signals are received and interpreted in ...

Nov 14

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The Effects of Technology on Parents and Children’s Loneliness

This article talks about how the influence of technology can affect parents’ attitude towards their children and the quality of parent-children interactions.

Nov 13

Categories: Child Development, Parenting, Social Isolation


Blaming others for our Poor Anger Management

It is often easy to put the blame on others when we do something wrong or realize a flaw within us, however it might not be the best way to resolve our emotional conflicts.

Nov 13

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The Role of Oxytocin in Threat Response

The fight-or-flight response has been widely studied and the findings have been replicated across species. Recently, researchers looked at fear responses in parents when threats occur in the presence of their young and found that a new threat ...

Nov 12

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Childhood Attachment Explains Adulthood

Attachment theory has been increasingly linked to a myriad of disruptions to personal and interpersonal functioning, as well as mental health diagnoses. It was founded by psychiatrist John Bowlby in the 60s and continue to be a very relevant piece ...

Nov 10

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Best Course of Action for Anxiety?

A new meta-analysis from Oxford University have found evidence that suggest group cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may be the best form of psychotherapy for individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

Nov 7

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The Dark Side: Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude is an emotion that has fascinated both professionals and lay people for quite a while, precisely because it is an emotion that has been associated with psychopathy.

Nov 3

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The Upsides of Moral Outrage

A lot of political headlines have been dominating the news of late, and it has divided people into camps based on their opinions about the issues at hand. While political news are nothing new, what is particularly interesting about the recent spate ...

Oct 27

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Family Estrangement

This article explores the different reasons family estrangement can occur and how a child copes with their decision to distant themselves from their family.

Oct 26

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The Science behind Technology Addiction

This article talks about how games make use of certain psychological aspects that keep children addicted to their phones.

Oct 25

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Anxiety is a Way of Life

This article talks about how we can turn anxiety into something useful and beneficial. Anxiety is inevitable, it is part of life. Therefore, we should learn to manage it and use it to our advantage.

Oct 25

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Are We Naturally Altruistic or Selfish

Since childhood, our parents have taught us that sharing is caring and encouraged us to engage in pro-social, cooperative behaviours with our siblings and playmates, resulting in our inclination to be generous and helpful to the people around us, ...

Oct 24

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Relationship between Borderline Personality and ADHD

This article focuses on Borderline Personality and its effects, while touching on the probability of people with ADHD also having Borderline Personality Disorder.

Oct 23

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