The Line Between Right and Wrong

Moral psychologists believe there is an element of intuition involved in moral judgments, which is commonly termed as 'gut feeling' or the instantaneous judgment that people with regards to certain moral-like issues.

Oct 6

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Can ASPD be treated?

This article explains the nature of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) and the types of treatment methods used to improve the condition.

Oct 5

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Change in Diet can improve Anxiety

Certain types of food facilitate anxiety while a few others help lower anxiety levels or the probability of feeling anxious. This article explores how carbohydrates, protein and caffeine affect anxiety.

Oct 4

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Mindfulness towards Social Rejection

Engaging in Mindfulness practices makes us kinder and increases our motivation to help others, especially in a situation of a social rejection.

Oct 4

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The Paradox of Choice

People like having many options. We like having the freedom to choose for ourselves instead of being forced into a corner. However, having an array of choices may not necessarily be better, in fact, we may even find ourselves more stressed when it ...

Oct 3

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Social Interactions affect Happiness

Human interaction makes us happy. We are born with the need to feel a sense of belonging and enjoy the company of others. This article talks about how social interactions affect happiness and the types of social interactions that make people the ...

Oct 2

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The Paradox of Happiness

Happiness is a ‘popular’ trend these days. From the greater attention paid to doing the things that you enjoy to the increased emphasis on “living your best life”, happiness is the one hot commodity that everyone is gearing towards. But what ...

Oct 1

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Narcissism VS Self-Esteem

There is often a misconception between the term ‘Self-esteem’ and ‘Narcissism’. Many often think that having high self-esteem makes one narcissistic or rather, having high self-esteem means being narcissistic. The truth is from as young as a ...

Sep 28

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Overcome Chronic pain today

This article talks about different ways to let go and overcome any chronic pain and illness you’re currently facing.

Sep 27

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Who Can You Trust?

How do you know who you can trust? A recent experiment suggests that an individual’s guilt-proneness is one of the strongest predictor of one’s trustworthiness.

Sep 26

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Recalling Emotional Memories

With the recent media focus on the Kavanaugh-Ford scandal, questions regarding recall and memory have surfaced. A special form of memory is particularly interesting, termed “flashbulb memories”. Flashbulb memories are formed during significant ...

Sep 26

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To what extent is it Emotional Abuse?

This article helps us identify what is deemed as emotional abuse, when and how is an action or situation a form of emotional abuse.

Sep 25

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Inequality as a disorder

Economic inequality is one of the signs that foreshadows societal disorder. It can also negatively impact people's lives and is highly associated with risky medical conditions.

Sep 21

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The Truth about Psychopaths

This article talks about the common misconceptions people have about psychopaths and who they really are, what type of person they are and what drew them to having psychopathic tendencies.

Sep 21

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ADHD drugs worsen health

Contrary to popular beliefs, studies have proven that drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are ineffective in bettering one’s cognitive functioning and can instead harm certain functioning abilities.

Sep 20

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