Mothers with positive childhood experiences respond better to ...

Previous research has revealed that mothers who respond quickly and warmly to their babies' cries have infants with better emotional development, compared with mothers who are less sensitive. Now, a new study suggests that moms with positive ...

Sep 11

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Food Craving Is Stronger, but Controllable, for Kids

Children show stronger food craving than adolescents and adults, but they are also able to use a cognitive strategy that reduces craving, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological ...

Sep 10

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Testing children at primary school has its 'pitfalls'

Tests and assessments carried out at school are often seen as a way of predicting how well a child will do later on in life. However, new research from Professor Richard Cowan, Institute of Education (IOE), suggests that how well a child is doing at ...

Sep 8

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Inside the Teenage Brain: New Studies Explain Risky Behavior

It's common knowledge that teenage boys seem predisposed to risky behaviors. Now, a series of new studies is shedding light on specific brain mechanisms that help to explain what might be going on inside juvenile male brains.

Aug 29

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During pregnancy, future parenting behavior can be predicted by ...

Having expectant parents role-play interacting with an infant using a doll can help predict which couples may be headed for co-parenting conflicts when their baby arrives.

Aug 28

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ADHD children make poor decisions due to less differentiated learning ...

Pupils with ADHD often make poorer decisions than their unaffected classmates. Researchers from the University of Zurich now discovered that different learning and decision-making mechanisms are responsible for these behaviors, and localized the ...

Aug 23

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Children with Autism Have Extra Synapses in Brain

Children and adolescents with autism have a surplus of synapses in the brain, and this excess is due to a slowdown in a normal brain "pruning" process during development, according to a study by neuroscientists at Columbia University Medical Center ...

Aug 23

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A little video game-playing linked with better-adjusted children

A new study suggests video game-playing for less than an hour a day is linked with better-adjusted children and teenagers. The research, carried out by Oxford University, found that young people who indulged in a little video game-playing were ...

Aug 6

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Depression in early childhood can persist into adolescence

Children diagnosed with depression as preschoolers are likely to suffer from depression as school-age children and young adolescents, new research shows.

Aug 5

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Mindfulness and Meditation in Schools: Mindful Kids, Peaceful Schools

With eyes closed and deep breaths, stu­dents are learn­ing a new method to reduce anx­i­ety, con­flict, and atten­tion dis­or­ders. But don’t call it meditation.

Aug 4

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Kids with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders Show Brain Wiring ...

Researchers at UC San Francisco have found that children with sensory processing disorders have decreased structural brain connections in specific sensory regions different than those in autism, further establishing SPD as a clinically important ...

Aug 2

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Reducing Screen time can Reduce your kids' Weight and Improve Grades

Parents are in a much more powerful position than they realize. A new study of over 1300 3rd to 5th graders found that parental monitoring of children's media has ripple effects that extend across several different areas of children's lives out ...

Jul 18

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Early life stress can leave lasting impacts on the brain

For children, stress can go a long way. A little bit provides a platform for learning, adapting and coping. But a lot of it - chronic, toxic stress like poverty, neglect and physical abuse - can have lasting negative impacts.

Jul 2

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Game Theory: How do video games affect the developing brains of ...

At age 17, Anthony Rosner of London, England, was a hero in the World of Warcraft online gaming community. He built empires, led raids, and submerged himself in a fantasy world that seemingly fulfilled his every need. Meanwhile, his real life was ...

Jun 27

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What the Internet is Doing to Young Minds

There's no evidence that typical levels of internet use harms adolescent brains, according to a new review of 134 studies. On the contrary, the report, to be published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Science, finds some positives associated with ...

May 31

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