Psychological first aid for humanitarian relief

Humanitarian emergencies - such as earthquakes, extreme drought, or war - not only affect people’s physical health but also their psychological and social health and well-being. More and better can be done for the mental health of disaster ...

Oct 27

Categories: Mental Health Professions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / ...


The Need for Human Connection in Digital Mental Health Care

With technology altering the therapeutic bond, something is lost but something else is gained

Aug 10

Categories: Mental Health Professions


When You Don't Speak the Language

An afternoon in a Chinese clinic makes it clear how important a patient's speech can be to making a diagnosis.

Jun 24

Categories: Health / Illness / Medical Issues, Mental Health Professions


Rethinking How We Diagnose Psychosis

A new study opens a door to more biologically based categories of major mental illness.

Dec 16

Categories: Mental Health Professions


The benefits of doubt: New research on becoming a more effective ...

Researchers are finally beginning to understand what it takes to improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Shifting away from the failed, decades-long focus on methods and diagnosis, attention has now turned to the individual practitioner.

Dec 12

Categories: Mental Health Professions


Should You “Friend” Your Doctor on Social Media?

A new academic review of the ethical considerations of establishing a social media relationship with a medical professional raises a bevy of issues that should be considered by patients and providers.

Nov 27

Categories: Mental Health Professions


Do Good or Make Money: Which Side are YOU on?

It is possible to both do good and make money.

Oct 29

Categories: Life Purpose / Meaning / Inner-Guidance, Mental Health Professions, ...


The Simple Questions That Really Help Depressed People

This therapeutic technique, called 'Socratic questioning' can really help depressed people, research finds. Socratic questioning is used by many therapists to help patients explore new perspectives on themselves and the world. Read on to find out ...

Aug 17

Categories: Depression, Mental Health Professions


Herring: Comedy should tackle mental health issues

Comedians are meant to bring a smile on people's faces but following Robbin Williams death we question whether comedy brings a smile to them as well. Let's see what comedian Richard Herring has to say.

Jul 23

Categories: Coping with Medical Problems, Mental Health Professions


Coming Out Proud to Erase the Stigma of Mental Illness

Although it is found that stigma of mental illness seems to be less evident in Asian and African countries, it does not mean it does not exists. A book that tackle this worldwide issue is now being released.

Jul 21

Categories: Mental Health in Asia, Mental Health Professions


Teaching reflection to doctors to improve physician-patient ...

Physicians in their medical residency training programs often focus on scientific reasoning and research evidence in their efforts to provide medical care. But is it enough? A new study suggests of a strategy to train medical residents to reflect on ...

Jul 16

Categories: Mental Health Professions


Study: Why social workers aren't discussing religion and ...

It is an understatement that religion is an integral part of an individual's life, especially in a multicultural country like Singapore. Religion may have created a person's past, shape the present, and determine the future. Such essential identity ...

Jul 13

Categories: Mental Health Professions


A simple trick to improve your memory

Want to enhance your memory for facts? Tom Stafford explains a counterintuitive method for retaining information.

Dec 10

Categories: Mental Health Professions


Forensic psychology: Is it the career for me?

Forensic psychologists are licensed clinical psychologists who specialize in applying psychological knowledge to legal matters, both in the criminal and civil arenas. They hold graduate degrees in psychology, most often a PhD or a PsyD.

Sep 16

Categories: Mental Health Professions


Obamacare Helps Young Adults Get Mental Health Treatment

Despite all the hype and hand-wringing done over Obamacare — aka the Affordable Care Act — there's a lot of good coming already from its implementation. And if some politicians want to undo this good, they may find themselves up against an ...

Aug 8

Categories: Adult psychological development, Mental Health in Asia, Mental Health ...

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