Medicine’s Gender Revolution: How Women Stopped Being Treated As ...

For a long time, medication dosages were adjusted for patient size and women were simply ‘small men’. However, men and women respond differently to diseases and treatments for biological, social and psychological reasons.

Oct 4

Categories: Academic Issues, Health / Illness / Medical Issues, Women's Issues


8 Ways to Stop Us from Feeling So Guilty All the Time

Guilt is an emotion that spans the human experience; all of us have felt guilty at some point in our lives. However, many of us are unnecessarily and excessively guilty. Here’s some useful tips on how to cope with guilt and how to make yourself ...

Mar 27

Categories: Adult psychological development, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Women's ...


Objective predictors of suicidality in women identified

Researchers have identified blood-based biomarkers and developed questionnaire-based apps that may help clinicians identify which of their female patients being treated for psychiatric disorders are at greatest risk of suicidal ideation or behavior.

Apr 6

Categories: Suicide Prevention, Women's Issues


Preference for dating smarter partners negatively affects women's ...

Women with a preference for more intelligent partners are less likely to show interest in male-dominated fields such as math and science, according to a newly published study from the University at Buffalo.

Apr 5

Categories: Relationships & Marriage, Women's Issues


Women are better than men at remembering to remember

Past research suggested women tend to be more prone to forgetting future tasks than men. Women also admitted that they tend to have more memory failures however this does not mean that they actually forget more often.

May 23

Categories: Men's Issues, Women's Issues


Generic clothes vs Designer brands

Many would rather buy generic clothes than stand out with designer brands Many people buy and wear clothing from prestigious brands as a way to express and distinguish themselves. However, a new study from the University of Missouri has found that ...

Feb 14

Categories: Women's Issues


40% of women with severe mental illness are victims of rape or ...

Women with severe mental illness are up to five times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault and two to three times more likely to suffer domestic violence, reveals new research led by UCL and King's College London ...

Sep 5

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Mental Health in Asia, Post ...


When Women Sell Themselves Short on Team Projects

Working on a team is always a challenge, but a new study highlights a particular challenge to women: how much they credit themselves in a joint success. Women will devalue their contributions when working with men but not with other women, according ...

May 8

Categories: Women's Issues, Workplace Issues

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