When monsters are protected

Why were the perpetrators in the Abu Ghraib scandal protected?

Aug 13

Categories: Aggression & Violence, Bullying, Prejudice / Discrimination, ...


How Fairness Develops in Kids Around the World

A study of seven countries shows that all children hate getting less than their peers, but only some hate getting more.

Nov 23

Categories: Child Development, Values Clarification


Study: Variations in Honesty Among Countries

Is honesty valued differently across countries, and is the honesty of a country's people related to its economic development?

Nov 17

Categories: Other, Values Clarification


Anticipating the Privacy and Informed Consent issues of the ...

What if sci­en­tists were able to implant or erase mem­o­ries? Con­cerns about pri­vacy loss and dimin­ished capac­ity for true “informed con­cern,” given the grow­ing knowl­edge gap between experts and every­one else.

Nov 11

Categories: Other, Values Clarification


Do Good or Make Money: Which Side are YOU on?

It is possible to both do good and make money.

Oct 29

Categories: Life Purpose / Meaning / Inner-Guidance, Mental Health Professions, ...


Rationality of Lying

We think of ourselves as good, honest people. Yet, we lie from time to time. Are we deceiving ourselves?

Jun 6

Categories: Adult psychological development, Identity Problems, Values ...

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