The Paradox of Happiness

Happiness is a ‘popular’ trend these days. From the greater attention paid to doing the things that you enjoy to the increased emphasis on “living your best life”, happiness is the one hot commodity that everyone is gearing towards. But what ...

Oct 1

Categories: Happiness, Self help groups, Self-Care / Self Compassion, Self-Love


The Emotions behind Anger

What is really driving that anger we feel?

Sep 19

Categories: Anger Management, Self help groups, Self-Care / Self Compassion


A Surprising Psychological Finding on How to Get Moving

The usual advice that one would hear after complaining of a lack of motivation would be to look at someone else who is already successful and established in that field for that boost of motivation and inspiration to get yourself off the couch and on ...

Aug 27

Categories: Self help groups, Self-Confidence


We Are Our Own Biggest Enemies

We have to make so many choices in a day, sometimes it just gets very exhausting and difficult to keep making the right ones. From indulging in a sinfully chocolate fudge cake when we are supposed to be on a diet, to escaping from our problems at ...

Aug 20

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Other, Self help groups


Helping other people with their problems helps you too

You can practise your own self-regulation by helping others.

May 17

Categories: Happiness, Self help groups, Self-Care / Self Compassion


Boredom proneness is largely about what you do

Findings have shown that boredom is largely attributed to the choices of activities that we engage in.

May 17

Categories: Emptiness, Life Purpose / Meaning / Inner-Guidance, Self help groups


Shock and Loss for the Losing Side: How to Heal

From the moment Donald Trump was declared the president-elect, many on the losing side—about half the nation—have been stunned. Gone is the future they expected. Disappeared the America they believed in, the country that represented their values ...

Nov 12

Categories: Grief, Loss, Bereavement, Self help groups, Self-Love


Neurofeedback may aid self-motivation

Allowing people to see their own brain activity might help them motivate themselves.

Mar 5

Categories: Self help groups

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