Ways to improve Self-Esteem

There are days when we feel so good as though nothing can bring us down, but there are also days when we feel like a failure and everything is falling apart. It is normal for everyone to experience fluctuations in our self-esteem. The following are ...

Sep 7

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Adult psychological ...


Imposter Syndrome

This article talks about a psychological condition called Imposter Syndrome, when people cannot recognize their achievements.

Sep 4

Categories: Adult psychological development, Health Psychology, Self-Confidence, ...


Trauma is a shift in self concept

Many people refer to the traumatic event as the trauma itself, but trauma refers to something more fundamental than that. The same traumatic event can have varying impacts on different people, leading to the idea that trauma goes beyond the event ...

Jul 6

Categories: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma / Complex PTSD, ...


Self-Control is in the mind

Previous studies have shown that self-control is a scarce resource and is exhaustive, but recent research found that the perception of control affects self-control.

Jun 4

Categories: Control Issues, Self-Doubt


5 Ways Mentally Strong People Conquer Self-Doubt

What's the worst that can happen? It's probably not as bad as you think.

Jun 15

Categories: Self-Doubt, Stress Management


How to Respond to Naysayers without Compromising on your Self-worth

There will always be naysayers or people trying to put us down. Here are some strategies to help you learn to live with the harshness of their words, or to let their comments roll off your back.

Apr 26

Categories: Self-Confidence, Self-Criticism, Self-Doubt


Would you really be happier if you were better looking?

As shallow as it may be, most of us probably have the sneaking suspicion that we would be happier if we had more attractive facial features and a lither, more athletic body. We fork out cash on cosmetics, gym memberships and plastic surgery thanks ...

Feb 20

Categories: Self-Confidence, Self-Doubt, Self-Esteem, Self-Love


Why haters hate the way they hate

All of us have been on the receiving end of hatred at some point of time in our lives. Understand the psychological motivations behind hatred, and haters will never bother you again; you might even pity them.

Nov 14

Categories: Empathy, Self-Confidence, Self-Doubt


Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

Humans evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others thought of them - a craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralyzing fear of being disliked. Let's call that obsession a human's Social Survival Mammoth.

Oct 12

Categories: Self-Care / Self Compassion, Self-Confidence, Self-Doubt, Self-Esteem


Can you trust yourself?

New experiences can sometimes alter past memories.

Apr 13

Categories: Self-Doubt, Trust Issues


Self-deceived individuals deceive others better

Over confident people can fool others into believing they are more talented than they actually are, a study has found.

Aug 28

Categories: Self-Doubt, Self-Esteem, Self-Love

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