The power of an authentic voice

I’ve found that one of the great things about getting older is I’m much more comfortable expressing my opinion than I used to be, even when I’m with folk whose views widely diverge from mine. This doesn’t mean I’m closed to other ways of ...

May 13

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The Spotlight Effect: Do we overestimate the effects of our Actions ...

A new study from Cornell University investigates the extent to which people overestimates the extent to which their actions and appearance are noted by others. Most of us stand out in our own minds. Whether in the midst of a personal triumph or an ...

Feb 26

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Open a door for a man and you diminish his self-esteem and self-belief

How does a man feel if another man opens a door for him? The researchers Megan McCarty and Janice Kelly conducted a field study to find out. Male research assistants waited near two university building entrances and looked out for men and women ...

Feb 18

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3 Techniques to Boost Your Confidence

The way we feel about ourselves greatly influences how we live. For instance, if you’re self-confident, you probably spend time with and connect with others. If you’re drowning in self-doubt, you might withdraw and isolate yourself.

Aug 8

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A Better Way to Discover Your Strengths

If you want to excel at anything, it’s not enough to fix your weaknesses. You also need to leverage your strengths. When Albert Einstein failed a French exam, if he had concentrated only on his language skills, he might never have transformed ...

Jul 20

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Study links social media use and narcissism

Facebook is a mirror and Twitter is a megaphone, according to a new University of Michigan study exploring how social media reflect and amplify the culture's growing levels of narcissism. The study, published online in Computers in Human Behavior, ...

Jun 13

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You are less beautiful than you think

In April 15, 2013, Dove launched a 3-minute video entitled “Dove Real Beauty Sketches.” The video achieved instant popularity and has been watched millions of times — a successful viral campaign which has been widely talked about. In the ...

May 23

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Self-affirmation improves problem-solving under stress

It's no secret that stress increases your susceptibility to health problems, and it also impacts your ability to solve problems and be creative. But methods to prevent associated risks and effects have been less clear - until now. Published in PLOS ...

May 4

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Comments, traffic statistics help empower bloggers psychologically

In a series of studies, female bloggers showed that they enjoyed blogging because it made them feel empowered and part of a community, said Carmen Stavrositu, who recently completed doctoral work in mass communications at Penn State. The studies ...

Nov 21

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