Seeing Disfigured Faces Prompts Negative Brain and Behavior Responses

Impressions about a person based on their physical appearances are formed almost instantaneously. Often, attractive people are judged to be more trustworthy and capable. What about people with facial abnormalities? Using brain imaging technology, a ...

Jun 11

Categories: Prejudice / Discrimination


The Psychology behind Conspiracy Theories and Their Allure

Conspiracy thinking is not always a symptom of psychological pathology.

Aug 15

Categories: Other, Paranoia / Suspiciousness, Prejudice / Discrimination


When monsters are protected

Why were the perpetrators in the Abu Ghraib scandal protected?

Aug 13

Categories: Aggression & Violence, Bullying, Prejudice / Discrimination, ...


The Mechanics Of Subtle Discrimination: Measuring ...

Many people don’t even realise that they are discriminating based on race or gender. And they won’t believe that their unconscious actions have consequences until they see scientific evidence. Here it is.

Jun 22

Categories: Prejudice / Discrimination


The Hidden Face of Mental Illness

Mental health is a growing concern in this country. Illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia affect more than 43 million Americans. Only a small percentage will seek out professional help to challenge their demons (National ...

Jun 21

Categories: Health / Illness / Medical Issues, Prejudice / Discrimination


Racial Essentialism Reduces Creative Thinking By Making People More ...

New research suggests that racial stereotypes and creativity have more in common than we might think. In an article published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, researcher Carmit Tadmor of Tel Aviv ...

Jan 10

Categories: Prejudice / Discrimination

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