Narcissism VS Self-Esteem

There is often a misconception between the term ‘Self-esteem’ and ‘Narcissism’. Many often think that having high self-esteem makes one narcissistic or rather, having high self-esteem means being narcissistic. The truth is from as young as a ...

Sep 28

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Expectations vs Outcome

Do outcomes eventually match our expectations? Some people say that we should not expect too much because then it is easier to be disappointed. However, recent studies have demonstrated that expectations may very well translate to the corresponding ...

Sep 12

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Parents and Playtime

Recent studies suggest that parents can influence their children’s toy preferences over time simply by exposing them to more variety of play items.

Sep 10

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Parents’ health conditions are related to ADHD in children

Parents who smoke and diagnosed with depression are linked to the probability of their child having attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Aug 31

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Parents’ behaviour influences child’s weight

Children who face difficulties controlling their emotions and behaviors were found to have lower BMIs if their parents played with them and helped them clean up. Children who receive help from their parents in controlling their emotions and behavior ...

Aug 28

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What is Normal and What is Disorder

How do you know when your child is displaying symptoms of psychological distress, and when is it just simply "growing pains"?

Aug 15

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The Real Cause of Alzheimer's

The actual cause of Alzheimer's does not lie just in the brain, according to new research.

Dec 27

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What Causes Sibling Rivalry? An Evolutionary Perspective

Siblings are frequently found fighting over the best toy, the favorite toy, or the last cookie. But at first glance, sibling rivalries do not make sense from an evolutionary perspective - they share similar genes, so they should be inclined only to ...

Oct 14

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Parents Do These Things Raise Happier Children

Parents who show more warmth and affection and are less controlling have children who are happier in adulthood, a new study has found.

Sep 11

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The Skill College Students Wish They Were Taught

A survey in the United States has found that college students wished they had better emotional preparation before entering college.

Aug 18

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An Unstable Childhood Could Lead to Adult Obesity

A person with a stressful and unstructured childhood could gain habits that may lead to adult obesity.

Jul 31

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6 Pieces of Bad Advice We Give Kids

Do this instead, and they'll be happier and more successful.

Jul 28

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Rejection By This Parent Does Most Damage To Personality

The love and acceptance from both parents are critically important to ensure the emotional well-being of the child. New research has shown that rejection by this particular parent does the most damage to personality.

Apr 20

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The Modern Parenting Techniques That Hinder Brain Development

Societal changes over the years has rendered changes in our parenting techniques. It has been found that there has been some modern parenting techniques that inhibit brain development.

Apr 8

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Talking To Your Child At Their Level

It is challenging to communicate with toddlers as they are still learning to speak in full sentences and not forgetting, they have difficulty understanding what the adults are saying to them.

Feb 3

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