Overcome Chronic pain today

This article talks about different ways to let go and overcome any chronic pain and illness you’re currently facing.

Sep 27

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Easing Pain

Psychologists are exploring complementary therapies and integrated approaches to better treat the complex problem of chronic pain. More effort is being put into studying complementary therapies, including hypnosis, meditation and yoga, that may ease ...

Oct 25

Categories: Chronic Pain, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation, Pain ...


Watching someone suffer pain has a lasting effect on the brain

New research suggests that witnessing extreme pain – such as the injury or death of a comrade on the battlefield – has a lasting effect on how the brain processes potentially painful situations. A study of veterans from the Israeli Defence Force ...

Aug 20

Categories: Pain management


Mindfulness Meditation Trumps Placebo in Pain Reduction

Sign Up for Newswise Wires Become a Member Media PressPass Previous Article Next Article Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have found new evidence that mindfulness meditation reduces pain more effectively than placebo. This is ...

Nov 13

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3 Steps for Tolerating the Pain of Painful Emotions

People “who accept pain in life move through it faster rather than [individuals who] resist [it],” Cash said. Again, “Not dealing with it and avoiding painful feelings guarantees they will circle back.”

Oct 1

Categories: Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation, Pain management


Careful of your painkillers, it might just kill your positivity

A new study finds Acetaminophen/Tylenol/Paracetemol could just kill positive emotions. The painkiller could blunt both physical and psychological pain. This is the first time one tries to test the popular painkiller’s effect on both negative and ...

Apr 18

Categories: Drug Addiction, Emotional Abuse, Pain management


A Mother's Soothing Presence Makes Pain Go Away

By carefully analyzing what genes were active in infant rat brains when the mother was present or not present, the NYU researchers found that several hundred genes were more, or less, active in rat infants experiencing pain than in those that were ...

Nov 20

Categories: Pain management, Parenting


Chronic pain research delves into the brain

University of Adelaide researchers say new insights into how the human brain responds to chronic pain could eventually lead to improved treatments for patients. Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe the brain's ability to change structurally ...

Mar 17

Categories: Chronic Pain, Pain management


Mind Over Matter: Beating Pain and Painkillers

With nearly one-third of Americans suffering from chronic pain, prescription opioid painkillers have become the leading form of treatment for this debilitating condition. Unfortunately, misuse of prescription opioids can lead to serious side effects ...

Feb 6

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Research Finds Pain In Infancy Alters Response To Stress, Anxiety ...

Early life pain alters neural circuits in the brain that regulate stress, suggesting pain experienced by infants who often do not receive analgesics while undergoing tests and treatment in neonatal intensive care may permanently alter future ...

Oct 31

Categories: Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Child Development, Pain management


New Study Assesses Benefits of Cognitive Pain Relief Methods

Those who accept their pain condition are best able to tolerate pain, while distraction can be the way to lower pain intensity, according to research reported in The Journal of Pain, the peer review publication of the American Pain Society. A team ...

Apr 12

Categories: Pain management


Pain can be a relief

When something causes less pain than expected it is even possible for it to feel pleasant, a new study reveals. These findings may one day play a key role in treating pain and substance abuse. If you accidently kick your toe against a doorframe ...

Feb 28

Categories: Pain management


Preventing chronic pain with stress management

For chronic pain sufferers, such as people who develop back pain after a car accident, avoiding the harmful effects of stress may be key to managing their condition. This is particularly important for people with a smaller-than-average hippocampus, ...

Feb 26

Categories: Pain management, Stress Management

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