Weight-loss psychology: how your brain is preventing you from losing ...

Despite the fact that 77% of Americans are trying to lose weight, nearly 70% of all Americans are obese or overweight. Given the inability of the majority of us to manage our weight, are we all just weak-willed slackers? Or are other factors ...

Nov 22

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Is it bad for your health to pull an all-nighter?

A late night at the library, copious amounts of energy drinks or coffee and class notes from the last month; surely you'll be able to ace the exam if you just spend the next 24 hours focused on the material. Unfortunately, procrastination and sleep ...

Oct 27

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Stress ruins your diet!

The type of fat you eat matters, but a new study suggests that the benefits of good fats vanish when stress enters the picture. This study is the first to show that stress has the potential to cancel out benefits of choosing healthier fats.

Oct 22

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How Long Do You Want to Live? Expectations Matter!

Why do some people want to live a very long time, while others would prefer to die relatively young? In a latest study, a team of researchers investigated how long young and middle-aged adults in the United States say they want to live in relation ...

Aug 30

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Curiosity Has the Power to Change Behavior for the Better

Piquing people’s interest can entice them to choose healthier behaviors over more tempting, unhealthy ones, study finds. New research shows that piquing people’s curiosity can influence their choices by steering them away from tempting desires, ...

Aug 23

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Happiness increases after consumption of fruit and vegetables, study ...

University of Warwick research indicates that eating more fruit and vegetables can substantially increase people’s later happiness levels.

Jul 11

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Relationship quality tied to good health for young adults

For young people entering adulthood, high-quality relationships are associated with better physical and mental health, according to the results of a recently published study by a University at Buffalo-led research team. "Health benefits begin to ...

Jun 27

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When You Don't Speak the Language

An afternoon in a Chinese clinic makes it clear how important a patient's speech can be to making a diagnosis.

Jun 24

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The Hidden Face of Mental Illness

Mental health is a growing concern in this country. Illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia affect more than 43 million Americans. Only a small percentage will seek out professional help to challenge their demons (National ...

Jun 21

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Marriage may prolong cancer survival, but why?

Cancer patients may live longer if they are married, with the effect varying by place of birth and race/ethnicity. However, better economic resources are unlikely to be a key driver for this association.

Apr 12

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Alzheimer's Disease, Diabetes: Is There a Link?

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) impairs insulin signaling in the portion of the brain responsible for regulating metabolism, making a person with AD more likely to develop diabetes, new research suggests.

Apr 11

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Is a popular painkiller hampering our ability to notice errors?

According to a new study acetaminophen could be impeding error-detection in the brain.

Apr 9

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Irregular heartbeat risk increases for 1 year after death of a partner

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of life's toughest challenges. It can cause severe psychological stress, which studies have shown can raise the risk of acute cardiovascular problems.

Apr 7

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Oxytocin nasal spray: how can it help curb obesity?

A new study suggests that oxytocin nasal spray could be a solution, after researchers found it may work by improving self-control.

Apr 5

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Treating depression may reduce heart disease risk

Heart disease and depression are both serious and prevalent conditions; mounting evidence infers that they are connected. Depression has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing heart disease later in life.

Apr 4

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