Adults Who Mix Cannabis with Opioids for Pain Report Higher Anxiety, ...

While opioids and cannabis have pain reduction effects, using both substances together might have undesirable effects on the consumer. Recent studies have found that individuals who mix both types of substances did not feel additional pain ...

Aug 15

Categories: Addictions, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Drug Addiction


This Diary Study Suggests It’s Probably Not A Good Idea To Use ...

Some people might be thrilled by the legalisation of marijuana in various parts of the world, believing that satisfying sleep is heading their way. However, a new study by researchers at Syracuse University begs to differ. While marijuana might ...

Jul 22

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction, Sleep Disorders


Formation of Habitual Use Drives Cannabis Addiction

Brain regions in charge of processing rewards are involved in promoting heavy cannabis use, but not all heavy cannabis users are dependent on the drug. A recent study has suggested that regions controlling habit formation are more responsible for ...

Jun 14

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


What is Addiction, Anyway?

Stigma, myth, and controversy continue to surround the concept of addiction; what it is, who ends up addicted, and what causes it. The focus here is to reduce stigma, dispel myths and hopefully clarify some controversy through focusing on the ...

Jan 14

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction


MDMA Enhances Cooperation

A new study from King's College London suggests that MDMA - found in ecstasy - may explain why users cooperate more after taking the drug. However, a caveat to this finding is that the enhanced cooperative effect only shows for people they have ...

Dec 5

Categories: Drug Addiction, Executive Functions


A Gene Required For Addictive Behavior

Cocaine can have a devastating effect on people. It directly stimulates the brain's reward center, and, more importantly, induces long-term changes to the reward circuitry that are responsible for addictive behaviors. Scientists have now uncovered ...

Jul 21

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


Childhood Adversity Increases Susceptibility to Addiction Via Immune ...

Childhood adversity permanently alters the peripheral and central immune systems, increasing the sensitivity of the body's immune response to cocaine, reports a new study.

Jul 19

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


Human Drug Addiction Behaviors Tied To Specific Impairments in 6 ...

Systematic review of task-related neuroimaging studies found addicted individuals demonstrate increased activity in certain networks during drug-related processing but decreased activity across all other functions.

Jun 12

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


Magnetic Stimulation Dampens Brain Response to Drug Cues in Addiction

Noninvasive brain stimulation techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can dampen brain activity in response to drug cues in chronic alcohol users and chronic cocaine users.

May 23

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


The Paradox of Addiction

The Addiction Paradox Conundrum: Chronic pain management and skyrocketing death rates? People are increasingly becoming addicted to opiates, marking dangerous times ahead. New approaches to this addiction are needed. Pronto.

Nov 16

Categories: Addictions, Chronic Pain, Drug Addiction


The Psychology of Addiction

People who are not addicted to illicit substances may wonder how people get addicted, and why they would put themselves in a position that compromises many aspects of their life. Truth is, addicts often have little control over the psychological ...

Jul 15

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


Cannabis reduces creativity

Regular users of cannabis are less aware of their own mistakes, and they are not good at creative thinking. This is the conclusion drawn by psychologist Mikael Kowal from his research on the effects of cannabis.

Oct 6

Categories: Creative Blocks, Drug Addiction


Study points to cannabis' effect on emotion processing

According to researchers, cannabis significantly affects users' ability to recognize, process and empathize with human emotions like happiness, sadness and anger.

Mar 2

Categories: Drug Addiction, Emotional Abuse, Other


Why Prison Drug Treatment Fails

Why is prison drug treatment such a failure? A counselor, an expert and two former inmates weigh in.

Dec 14

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction


When Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction Collide

Most people think of eating disorders and drug addiction as separate and distinct issues, but as many people who suffer with these maladies know firsthand, there is often significant overlap between the two.

Dec 1

Categories: Addictions, Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders

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