Compound Found in Red Wine Opens Door for New Treatments for ...

Having a glass of red wine to ease up after a stressful day might just be a good idea, but the secret is not in the alcohol. Resveratrol, a plant compound responsible for the relaxing benefits of red wine, has been found to be a good option for the ...

Aug 2

Categories: Anxiety, Depression


Hair could be the key to better mental-illness diagnosis in teens

A new study at Ohio State University has found that there is potential for hair, most importantly the cortisol levels in the hair, to be a method of diagnosis of depression in teens. The cortisol levels in the hair is further suggested to aid in ...

Jul 26

Categories: Depression


Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Be One Reason Depression Treatment ...

While many patients with depression may not seem to have obstructive sleep apnea, it is still important to evaluate individuals for this condition. A new study has found that having obstructive sleep apnea might be the reason why depression ...

Jul 25

Categories: Depression, Sleep Disorders


Teens Who Struggle To Differentiate Their Negative Emotions Are More ...

When we experience negative emotions and have difficulties identifying them, we are less able to deal with our feelings effectively. Individuals who are less adept in figuring out exactly what kind of negative emotion they are currently feeling ...

Jul 25

Categories: Depression, Stress Management


Pregnant Women Recognise Baby Expressions Differently depending on ...

Researchers have compared between 38 pregnant women, currently well with history of depression and bipolar disorder against 28 other healthy pregnant women. They also tested 18 non-pregnant women, as controls. Between the 27th and 39th weeks of ...

Jun 15

Categories: Bipolar, Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Child Development, Depression


Weighing Risks and Benefits of Drug Treatment for Major Depression

Some antidepressants may cause older adults to experience more harmful events such as falls, hence outweighing the positive effects they may have on the mental health of these individuals. While pharmacological interventions are popular for dealing ...

Jun 14

Categories: Depression, Health / Illness / Medical Issues


People Who Self-harm May Be Compensating for Their Difficulty ...

While acts of self-harm are commonly interpreted as a method for individuals to manage overpowering emotions, studies have found that they could also represent one's inability to evaluate their own bodily sensations and emotions accurately. ...

Jun 6

Categories: Depression, Self-Harm


Growing up in a green area may help support mental health

New research from Aarhus University in Denmark suggests that people who have grown up in close contact with nature are much less likely to develop mental health problems in adulthood than peers who had less access to green space as children.

Mar 6

Categories: Anxiety, Depression


Can Social Media Really Cause Depression?

The notion that social media has a negative impact on mental well-being is widespread. The researchers who conducted a new long-term study, however, say that this might not be the case.

Feb 27

Categories: Depression


Transcendental Meditation Can Help Treat PTSD

Working with a cohort of young people with symptoms of PTSD and depression, researchers found that practicing transcendental meditation can help reduce or even reverse these symptoms.

Feb 25

Categories: Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma / Complex ...


Can These New Compounds Treat Memory Loss in Depression?

Memory loss does not only occur in neurodegenerative diseases, such as dementia. It also happens with age, or in relation to mental health problems, such as depression. Now, researchers have developed new compounds that could reverse this cognitive ...

Feb 18

Categories: Depression


Alcohol Use Disorder: A Step Toward Treatment?

Mood disorders and alcohol use disorder are both challenging to treat. A recent study concludes that a pathway involved in both conditions could be positively influenced by a commercially available chemical.

Feb 13

Categories: Addictions, Depression, Mood Swings / Bipolar


A Diet Rich in Fiber and Vegetables can Relieve Depression

A healthful diet can "significantly reduce" symptoms of depression. That's the definitive conclusion from a meta-analysis of existing randomized, clinical trials.

Feb 11

Categories: Depression, Health Psychology


Internet-based CBT Effective for Treating Severe Depression

New research finds that cognitive behavioral therapy sessions delivered via an app can effectively treat various forms of depression, including a severe form of the condition.

Jan 26

Categories: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Depression


Using Facebook to Predict Depression

New research uses over half a million Facebook status updates to predict depression diagnoses in people at risk. Depression is one of the most widespread mental health problems in the United States, with over 16 million adults having experienced at ...

Jan 19

Categories: Depression

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