Neurodiversity Paradigm

“Neurodiversity” suggests that there is no such thing as having normal or abnormal cognitive abilities. Instead, they are socially constructed ideas to justify different behaviors.

Aug 16

Categories: Health Psychology


What is Normal and What is Disorder

How do you know when your child is displaying symptoms of psychological distress, and when is it just simply "growing pains"?

Aug 15

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Child and/or Adolescent ...


The Psychology behind Conspiracy Theories and Their Allure

Conspiracy thinking is not always a symptom of psychological pathology.

Aug 15

Categories: Other, Paranoia / Suspiciousness, Prejudice / Discrimination


3 Common Learning Disorders

This article talks about 3 classified learning disorders, how to recognize them and conquer the new school year.

Aug 14

Categories: Intellectual Disability, Learning Difficulties


When monsters are protected

Why were the perpetrators in the Abu Ghraib scandal protected?

Aug 13

Categories: Aggression & Violence, Bullying, Prejudice / Discrimination, ...


How Evolutionary Psychology Can Enhance the Web Experience

Evolutionary psychology is the study of how elements of human behaviour can be accounted for in terms of its importance to our survival. Certain characteristics of human behaviour came about because it aided the survival of our predecessors, whereas ...

Aug 13

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How to identify learning disorders early?

According to Dr Maggie Wright from The Wright Psychology and Learning Centre, it is important to identify children who struggle with school work early to improve their prognosis. She mentioned that there are mainly 3 learning disorders present in ...

Aug 8

Categories: Adult ADHD, Learning Difficulties


Treatable Condition Could Be Mistaken for Schizophrenia or Bipolar ...

Researchers believe that a significant number of people diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder may actually have a treatable immune system condition.

Aug 7

Categories: Bipolar, Mood Swings / Bipolar, Schizophrenia


Important mental health signs to look out for in teens

Many teens are unaware of their mental states and fail to identify potential mental health problems. Even if they realize they need help, they may be too afraid to reach out for help due to shame.

Aug 3

Categories: Mental Health in Asia


Can we tell if someone is lying?

Most people are not good at detecting a lie, as they focus their attention on behavioral cues. For example, to tell if someone is lying, we tend to look out for signs of nervousness. However, such cues may not exist, or may not be observable.

Aug 1


Lack of a Single Molecule May Indicate Severe and Treatment-Resistant ...

Researchers find that a deficiency of acetyl-L-carnitine is associated with a particular subtype of depression. Individuals with very low levels of this molecule often have highly severe symptoms and don't respond to traditional antidepressants.

Jul 31

Categories: Depression


Children with autism have a different brain pathway

Children with autism have a social reward circuit that is different from healthy children. During an MRI scan conducted, scientists discovered that the social rewards circuit of children with autism is not as active.

Jul 28

Categories: Autism spectrum disorders


Therapy Dogs Effective in Reducing Symptoms of ADHD

Researchers have found therapy dogs to be effective in reducing the symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.

Jul 26

Categories: Adult ADHD, Child and/or Adolescent Issues


Do you know what is Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most commonly reported mental state among people who seek psychological help. Due to gene-environment interactions, there is no single cause of anxiety.

Jul 25

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A Gene Required For Addictive Behavior

Cocaine can have a devastating effect on people. It directly stimulates the brain's reward center, and, more importantly, induces long-term changes to the reward circuitry that are responsible for addictive behaviors. Scientists have now uncovered ...

Jul 21

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