Prenatal Parental Stress Linked to Behaviour Problems in Toddlers

The wellbeing of both parents before, during and after a pregnancy is crucial for their child to develop healthily. Recent studies have discovered that stress or conflict between parents during these periods can lead to emotional struggles in the ...

Aug 6

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Couple Counseling, Pregnancy & Birthing


How fathers and their children should spend time together

Research from the University of Georgia says that both types of involvement – caregiving vs play, workday vs non-workday – have an impact on the quality of the early father-child relationship.

Jun 19

Categories: Attachment Issues, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Child Development


Parents’ health conditions are related to ADHD in children

Parents who smoke and diagnosed with depression are linked to the probability of their child having attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Aug 31

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Adult psychological ...


Causes of Eating Disorders

People who have low self-esteem or often doubt and feel nervous about themselves, have a high possibility of developing eating disorders. This group of people are said to have Insecure attachment.

Aug 21

Categories: Adjusting to Change / Life Transitions, Adult psychological ...


Does Abortion trigger Depression?

Many policies in the US use "depression" as a reason to discourage abortion, when abortion hardly results in depression. Based on a study done on 400,000 women that was published in JAMA Psychiatry, abortion does not increase the risk of depression ...

Jun 8

Categories: Abortion, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Depression, Pregnancy & ...


How to be More Supportive to the People Closest to You

During a difficult period, the people whom you are close to will need your support. Social support is well-known to be an important and one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. A new research conducted with parents of children with autism ...

Aug 30

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress


Keeping Secrets is Bad for You - Here’s Why

A recent study suggests that people are stressed when keeping a secret because they keep thinking about the secret, not because of the act of secret-keeping.

Aug 4

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Happiness, Other


8 Ways to Stop Us from Feeling So Guilty All the Time

Guilt is an emotion that spans the human experience; all of us have felt guilty at some point in our lives. However, many of us are unnecessarily and excessively guilty. Here’s some useful tips on how to cope with guilt and how to make yourself ...

Mar 27

Categories: Adult psychological development, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Women's ...


Singapore: Caregivers taught to manage mental, emotional stress

Increasingly, more people will be involved in the caregiving process for their loved ones. However, many are not mentally prepared to take on this role. Ren Ci and the Brahm Centre, a non-profit centre to educate people on healthy and happy living, ...

Sep 29

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress


How children's ADHD symptoms affect parents' feelings and parenting ...

ADHD in children puts stress on parents. In fact, parents of children with ADHD report greater parenting stress, less satisfaction in their parenting role, and more depressive symptoms than other parents. They also report more negative interactions ...

Jun 7

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress


Talking to someone with dementia: 2 rules

Communication with someone who has dementia can require a great deal of energy, patience, and creativity.

Nov 3

Categories: Aging & Geriatric Issues, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Dementia


Do You Feel Emotions Deeply? These Tips Might Help

Do you get overwhelmed by your emotions? You might be going about your day, and suddenly, an interaction sparks a strong feeling. Your fight, flight or freeze response kicks in. Your heart starts pounding, your muscles tense and your breath becomes ...

Sep 14

Categories: Anger Management, Anxiety, Caregiver Issues / Stress, Depression, ...


Work stress 'damages health as much as secondhand smoke exposure'

Most workers will experience job stress at some point in their lives. But what effect does it have on our health? According to new research, work stress damages our health just as much as exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke.

Sep 9

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Stress Management


Mothers with positive childhood experiences respond better to ...

Previous research has revealed that mothers who respond quickly and warmly to their babies' cries have infants with better emotional development, compared with mothers who are less sensitive. Now, a new study suggests that moms with positive ...

Sep 11

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress, Child and/or Adolescent Issues, Child ...


Nurses driven mainly by a desire to help others are more likely to ...

Nurses who are motivated primarily by the desire to help others, rather than by enjoyment of the work itself or the lifestyle it makes possible, are more likely to burn out on the job, University of Akron researchers say.

Aug 20

Categories: Caregiver Issues / Stress

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