Blaming others for our Poor Anger Management

It is often easy to put the blame on others when we do something wrong or realize a flaw within us, however it might not be the best way to resolve our emotional conflicts.

Nov 13

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Childhood Attachment Explains Adulthood

Attachment theory has been increasingly linked to a myriad of disruptions to personal and interpersonal functioning, as well as mental health diagnoses. It was founded by psychiatrist John Bowlby in the 60s and continue to be a very relevant piece ...

Nov 10

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Family Estrangement

This article explores the different reasons family estrangement can occur and how a child copes with their decision to distant themselves from their family.

Oct 26

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The Science behind Technology Addiction

This article talks about how games make use of certain psychological aspects that keep children addicted to their phones.

Oct 25

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The Effects of different Parenting Styles

This article identifies various common parenting styles and how supportive rejection can be beneficial to a child’s growth.

Oct 23

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The Role of Social Others in Learning

New research has highlighted the importance of social interaction in learning, even amongst infants as young as 9-months-old. Results showed that when infants were paired with another infant, they are more likely to learn than when they were alone.

Oct 20

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How to deal with your Child's tendency to Lie?

This article talks about how parents should act when their child lies. Parents are encouraged to first understand their child’s reason behind telling the lie before proceeding to discuss the consequences.

Oct 16

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The Relationship between Materialism and Gratitude

The trait of materialism has been associated with a variety of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety; hence, parents should naturally be concerned about the potential development of materialism in their child. A recent study showed ...

Oct 15

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Identifying Child Sexual Abuse

This article talks about ways to identify victims who have been sexually abused and the implications which follow.

Oct 12

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Education facilitates better Decision-Making skills

Education processes can be altered to improve one’s ability to make decisions regarding economic issues.

Oct 9

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Narcissism VS Self-Esteem

There is often a misconception between the term ‘Self-esteem’ and ‘Narcissism’. Many often think that having high self-esteem makes one narcissistic or rather, having high self-esteem means being narcissistic. The truth is from as young as a ...

Sep 28

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ADHD drugs worsen health

Contrary to popular beliefs, studies have proven that drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are ineffective in bettering one’s cognitive functioning and can instead harm certain functioning abilities.

Sep 20

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Kindness over Winning

In our highly competitive society today, people often aim to be the best. This article talks about how children gradually learn to appreciate kindness over unfair and hostile winning.

Sep 14

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Expectations vs Outcome

Do outcomes eventually match our expectations? Some people say that we should not expect too much because then it is easier to be disappointed. However, recent studies have demonstrated that expectations may very well translate to the corresponding ...

Sep 12

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Significance of our Childhood

This article explains how childhood experiences are more valuable than we think as they contribute to a huge part of who we are today.

Sep 11

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