The Age At Which People Are Happiest With Their Lives

A longitudinal study of over 30 years reveal the age at which people are the happiest in their lives.

Dec 8

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The Importance of Work-life Balance

Taking control of your work-life balance: Find out why it is important; whether you have a good balance; and how to improve it!

Oct 25

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12 Jobs That Make People Most Satisfied

…and the 12 linked to the least satisfaction with life. A large US survey found that clergy are the happiest and most satisfied workers in America, while roofers seem to be the least satisfied with their work.

Sep 26

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Take 2 Hikes and Call Me in the Morning

Research suggests that exposure to nature may promote physical as well as mental well-being, and a growing number of doctors has decided to take advantage of this by prescribing visits to parks for their patients.

Sep 18

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Keeping Secrets is Bad for You - Here’s Why

A recent study suggests that people are stressed when keeping a secret because they keep thinking about the secret, not because of the act of secret-keeping.

Aug 4

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Would Life Really Be Much Better if You Won the Lottery?

We’ve all, perhaps, at one point or another in our life dreamt about hitting the jackpot. Getting a large sum of money means no more stressing about money and an improvement in our life. Right? Maybe not.

Jul 31

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Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

We’ve all heard this phrase, and science has provided evidence, that laughter is indeed a great way to handle stress. Here are six findings that explain why laughter is the best medicine.

Jul 27

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The story of the two wolves: How to better manage your thoughts, ...

Have you ever had thoughts, feelings or acted in ways that were unacceptable to yourself but felt powerless to control? The purpose of this post is to help you find ways to manage your mind so that you can live your life more in accordance with what ...

Jul 6

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Are You Emotionally Well?

Here are the 8 hallmarks of emotional wellness.

Jun 29

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A Simple Five Step Process for Achieving Daily Happiness

Small ways to feel happy everyday

Jun 20

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Is happiness a choice?

Shawn Anchor and Michelle Gielan on choosing happiness.

May 25

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To find the right person, BE the right person

It is difficult - if not impossible - to find true love and true friendship until we love ourselves and are a friend to ourselves first. Here are five ways to cultivate a relationship with yourself today.

May 22

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Helping other people with their problems helps you too

You can practise your own self-regulation by helping others.

May 17

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New evidence shows the calming power of reminiscing about happy times

The next time you feel stressed up, or wish to improve your mood, remember to take a little walk down your happy memory lane. There are research evidence indicating that recalling happy memories can help you to combat stress and improve your mood

May 15

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The Real Reason Americans Are Getting More Unhappy

Despite the economic prosperity enjoy by many in the United States, it has been found that people there are getting more and more unhappy. Research has discovered the real reason to Americans’ unhappiness.

Apr 8

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